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I am wondering that what is that power who is stopping people to vote the best post from low reputation holders and force them to vote the big reputation holders on their ala bla posts not all of them but maximum posts are just like a shit???

if you are looking for curation rewards so its not upon this formula it is your steem who can drag the curation reward dear fellows so please tru to give your vote on merit not to big ranks try to support some hard working bloggers rate them on merit its a request because everyone may not have money to invest and they may be using steemit as there tool of some extra income for their broght future so my dear fellows please try to change your mental approch,
we small bloggers vote them for free just because of their reputation and they sell their votes of different weight 1% to 100% on different prices i am not against and not criticising them i just want from my steemit fellow community to think over their voting reasons thanks allot loce you all stay Blessed

ali @pakistan786

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#Agreed to you angry bird