CryptoElements: Introduction to new dApp!

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Fellow Steemians I would like to introduce to our community my new project:

CryptoElements is a platform for collecting 100% unique and one of a kind digital chemical elements. Each of them is represented by only one ERC 721 token. It can not be destroyed or replicated, it is insured by logic behind out Smart Contract deployed on Ethereum Blockchain.

We as a Web Developer and Graphic Designer decided to add our small brick to cryptocurrencies ecosystem by creating small dApp on Ethereum Blockchain. It is based around world of chemical elements. We loved to provide more content to our cards and we will be mor than happy if someone, by playing our game will start to dive deeper into fascinating world of atoms, chemicals or chemical compounds !



Element Cards

For each chemical element we created corresponding unique Element card. If you are the owner of such card you get 96% of it’s value when someone buys it from you!

Scientist Cards

Scientists cards as we speak represents person or team who discovered some chemical elements. They have additional funcionality in dApp. For every transaction on assigned Element card owner of Scientist card will get 1% fee!

Periodic Table Card

Periodic Table card — “One to rule them all” is one of a kind. Owner of this card receives 1% fee for every transaction occuring in marketplace. Yep, when you own it and someone buys Element, Scientist or future type Special card you get passive income.

Special Cards

Those cards will be created with help of community. We will run voting on cards, for example — “Walter White” vs. “ Jesse Pinkman”. The one with more votes will be added to marketplace and ready for some trading!

Values of cards


Profiles, modifying price

You can scan through all profiles of our users, too see their cards. In Laboratory under every card there is a link to owner’s profile.

In right top corner of our app there is a dropdown with your account:

When you visit “My Elements” site you are able to see or of your cards. What is more, you can change price of them! It is as simple as possible. Just enter desired new price and click “Modify Price”. However, remember that new price can must be lower than current price and bigger than starting price of modified card!

That’s it! Simple as it gets.

Visit our dApp here:

We are a new team, so if you have any proposals about this dApp don’t be shy and contact with us on Twitter, Facebook or Discord!

Also, our app is listed on:

Be well and:


Interesting. Gamifying chemistry, and turning it into an app...


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Great concept, slick design, easy UI. Well done. I just bought the building block of life itself for 0.02 ETH!

Nice! I would love to get more feafuters in game :)

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