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Hello Steemers,

I'm an active developer in Steem's ecosystem for more than seven months (Busy Team). Please answer the question below in comments to help me and other developers about your ideas and get a reward of $2 to $8 (my voting power) based on how much useful your comment is. I will try to reward all comments. Thank you

Question: What kind of apps you use in a daily basis that you think can be implemented on top of Steem?

(For example an app for runners that can reward users based on achieving their goals)

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Thank you very much and Steem on!

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I think some kind of ICO can be done on STEEM platform. We can distribute coins based on votes post ( or series of posts ) receives. Or just funding projects without ICO, something like Patreon. It could be done now on steemit.com itself, but with nice interface it will quite a different matter.

Some sort of steem integrated music library (itunes, Google play, etc) would be very cool to have. Offer selections of steemit musicians with options to purchase albums or individual tracks based on a selected price of steem/sbd. I just made a post last week about potentially releasing an album exclusively through steemit and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would find something like this useful. Plus with the state of the digital music world lately, a steem-integrated app for artists to sell could end up huge! It is significantly easier to spend steem on music than actual dollars, and doing so before it even transfers to BTC or your bank is way easier and a little more painless. Could be a cool market if it was promoted well.


Very interesting idea. Which business model of monetization for music you like more? similar to Google Play (purchasing tracks/albums) or similar to Spotify (live streaming)?


I feel like Google play would be a more simple way to implement it since it is a straight across direct transaction. Idk how easy the streaming idea would work but then again Im no expert in that tech lol

Snapchat, reward for sending snaps to friends on a daily base. Like a snap-streak :)


Thanks! Good one.

i think an emergency application would be useful on top of steem where people could help out fellow steemians in need when something goes wrong say at an airport, broke down at the roadside, not sure how we would do it because the funds would be gathered from lots of steemians and need to be accessed instantly to help the person - i'm thinking you have a network of say 50/100 people linked in that have agreed to help in an emergency, i could talk you though it if you wanted.


Great idea, thanks for contributing. Yes funds should be available in one account (can be gathered for free by users upvoting the posts from emergency account) and then send to the person by acceptance of providers of fund. However the process of verifying who should get the money without a chance to abuse the system is a challenge.


sure, absolutely and i agree. we don't want gobs of people just be like free money, i think some kind of sliding scale of trust and authenticity based on engagement and compassion, comments, those are your circle of trust. it could be done. just need to sound it out.

hmm I noticed there's a lot of writers/musicians here. It'd be cool if Steem had a downloads platform where people could tip or buy high quality downloads of books, music, games ect directly from content creators, and then pay them in steem dollars or alternatively tip them for offering free high quality downloads.

A native streaming music/video uploader that paid for views in steem would be cool too. Then people could put their videos directly on Steem instead of going through YouTube.


Nice idea! I also was thinking a good gateway or download platform for steem would be great.

I think something like a StackOverflow would be pretty amazing, I could see it implemented very cleanly on top of Steem. As developers we can't go a single day without looking for answers on bia Google and that 7 times out of 10 will always lead back to StackOverflow! I don't know what I would do without Google and StackOverflow. They've done a great job building they're community, but I think Steem would present a clear opportunity for even better answers and content. Cheers!


Right but it's not easy to make it as competitive as StackOverflow is. They are totally dominant in any kind of programming Q&A website. However, the same concept but on another niche might work much better with Steem.


Yes, totally agree. I was just using the SO as an example. I think a QA format would fit nicely on top of Steem

I would love to see location based add-ons. Something besides the normal post tags. For people not in major cities, being able to sync up to people locally would be great. And could also be used to tag pictures/posts when traveling, going to restaurants, events, etc.


Very nice idea for a location based app to connect steemers. Thank you I loved it.

Apps I use every day? Well I do a lot of events on Facebook because I manage a guesthouse and play in bands and what not. I think it'd be cool to have a sort integrated events platform. Since I could send peopel to read my posts with no problems, it'd be cool to send events that people could RSVP or something like that to introduce them to the platform.


Thanks interesting idea :-)


Thanks! I figure it's the mundane stuff that really forces us to stick with a particular platform. That an integration on other things we're stuck with. For instance, I hate facebook, but the ubiquitousness of the events keeps me planted to some degree. I largely tweet and just let that go to facebook so I can look at FB as little as possible.


I'm actually working on something for this right now. Based on a Wordpress website, Steemit is not really suitable, but with autopublish functions to Facebook, Twitter and Steem.

I really do not like the event functionality of Facebook and they changed their API so you can no longer automagically add events, so I post posts now LOL.


What pisses me off is the fact that I can't actually invite the people in my group to an event. I HAVE to advertise to them or else it doesn't work. I can invite my friends, but people I don't know have to hopefully see a post which of course Facebook is not incentivised to show people as much... not that I could prove that.


You are right; Facebook added events as an afterthought and it does not really seem to be important for them.

One of the other problems I have is that it is very difficult to determine which information is correct. When multiple people create the same event, but with different information you still need to go and find which is correct.

I think we can gain a lot by doing this correctly.

Don't know if any one here has posted something like this but how about any popular language learning app. I live in China and know only a fraction of the language. I'm too lazy or busy at times to study but I really do want to pick up on it more. I can imagine it being integrated into Steem and rewarding you to learn any language. It'll give you an incentive to put in time and effort to learning the language you desire. In the end you prosper and have become fluent in a new language, a notable accomplishment.

Certainly some kind of bank app in order to link Steemit with the old world and enable us to pay/get paid in steemit or easily convert steemit in local currency or other crypto currency directly within the website. The current system still seems a bit complicated to a newbie like me.


Thanks Arnaud, meanwhile you can check bittrex.com for depositing your steem and exchange it to Bitcoin. I think the bank option is also available in the site but if not the process of converting Bitcoin to any local currency is pretty straightforward with local companies.

You could make a Steem Instagram with only photos and comments, I think it would be quite easy to do by taking the first photo of each post and only show this in the post. You could also use special tags if people want to post only photos to your app.

I think an app like Tripadvisor would be great. You could reward comments, but also the restaurants/hotels/places itself. Similar ideas would be an app where you could "only" rate restaurants , another one to rate hotels (booking like)... almost anything can be rate. There is a couple of webs where you can rate your teacher for instance. Sorry I'm brainstorming now ...



If your thinking e-commerce, what about an app similar to ebates where companies can sign up to the app and anyone who makes purchases either gets a percentage/fixed price back in steem

  • Quora - Questions and Answers

  • Stitcher - Podcast app that seamlessly integrates new podcast episodes into radio format, along with short ads that pay for the platform

  • Tinder - Imagine being able to incentivize uncommon genders for example


Haha I love the idea of Tinder. Incentivize other genders to get a chance for dating them :D


It would help encourage more women for example to become members, where they usually are the smaller minority =)


But not the right group of women I suppose.


lol no that's the risk of course, but I think it would be worth a shot as long as there is a genuinly good platform in general and other motivations aside from the money.

If there wasn't then we'd probably be in some legal trouble as well I'm guessing :p

  • YouSteem : A video platform like youtube.
    We can post Videos on steemit, but it's messy. If you have a platform where you can search videos like Youtube, Dailymotion...it would be much better.
  • LoseIt/ My Fitnesspal : A macro tracking app which rewards people who lose/gain weight (depends on their goals).
  • free courses online : This is a bit optimistic, it would be an app that holds Free Courses online about pretty much everything and the idea is that : It is free. The people who post the courses get paid by the amount of votes of people who found the courses helpful.

Thank you!

Hi, I think a wallet app would be usefull to manage your steem or other cryptos. My second idea would be a Yoga app, I am fan of yoga and from time to time I use a yoga app to keep track of my training or to look up for new routines.

I think that a sort of programmimg a post would be a great help for the people who dedicate their accounts to a specific theme like finances, Anthropology, society, entertainment, book and movie reviews, etc. By example, Wordpress have a schedule mode where you can schedule a post for the day you want it to be seen.

Hey there @p0o, thank you first foe putting your time into all of this. Without people like you this whole project wouldn't work at all.

Regarding your Question I'd love to see a chat application like whatsapp or similar, in which you might e.g. get rewards for upvoting pictures of your friends. To make every single message a post would be a bit much probably.

Further something like Snapchat would be great, in which you can upvote the snaps of your friends :)


Your welcome and thank you very much for sharing your thoughts :-)

Hm, to think of it - some kind of Slack, team messenger app. If this is feasible to reside on blockchain ...

I use google translate, maybe create an app that would translate a post to whatever language you speak , that would help to connect people from different countries


Thats a great idea that we are implementing into our project ;)

This sounds like you got the real big plans developing a bunch of further apps for Steemit. I'm using a lot of fitness apps and would love to have one based on Steemit as well. Maybe by sharing your workouts in a feed /wall of the app and getting likes for it accordingly by others.


Haha thank you!

Steemit is being used by individuals of different nationalities and languages, some non-English speaking. I see Spanish, Indonesian, Chinese, German and Japanese posts and it would be SOOOOO helpful if those posts were AUTO-TRANSLATED when the page loads (not GOOGLE translate but built-in to steemit to make this diverse community singular and to break the language barrier. :)


Well I don't think anyone would like to read auto-translated articles unless they have to (students doing assignments for example) however I saw many posts recently in different languages (specially Mandarin) so the potential is there.

A games app, where you can play games and get rewarded for your achievement in the games with steempower !!

I think there should defiantly be voice chat systems such as discord for you to communicate with your followers or people you are following. There could also be a game implemented on top, and the game itself can have achievements for playing it. It would also be easier to be able to straight up transfer wallet currency to steem currency without having to transfer it into anther coin first such as bitcoin.

an app for question/answer format ^_^


I was also thinking about Q&A website.
https://stackoverflow.com/ does this with vitual points for years and it is works pretty good.
This could be an ever greater incentive to share knowledge freely.


yea stack exchange, quora, yahoo answers, etc. are all very successful, it would be great to have that kind of function built onto steem blockchain ^_^

Maybe an app for sports results . Because i some betting going on with steem :)

I could see the usefulness of an opt-in ad system that only displayed ads to users who chose to display ads. Revenue from the ads displayed would then be shared with the user.

may be a chat between users like facebook messenger,if ur are following sommeone and that person id following you then we will be able to chatwith our followers

An app to keep track of number of calories burnt, the more calories the person burns doing exercise the more he would be rewarded.

A built-in community marketplace could be very useful where you could buy and sell things (for example physical books or any physical content or digital content) for Steem/Steem dollars. This could improve the value of Steem/Steem dollars and the user experience in my opinion!

I use Blockfolio (cryptocurrency monitor) and i Use Grammarly (Its a spell and grammar checker).
I think both of those have a place here. Thank you for your engagement. All the best :)

a steem calculator; to estimate the value of posts votes and so on


if you did like my previous ideas will give you this
a video chat a public chat where users will gett upvotes on thier live show

I think for mass adoption you would need an app for people with absolutely no tech skills to make post that are pretty with no html/markdown code. Almost like a word program with po int and click options. I know my dad wouldnt be able to post with his lack of skills the way it is set up now. Hope this helps!


That's a WYSIWYG.

Maybe something like an exercise app where you're awarded a reward when you complete an activity like walking, running, pushups etc.

i am using baymack and snuckls and they pay very good and so many people use it and in it we have to see compolsory video and we gave to guess number and if it come in draw they will give money and its work of referral program to so we earn good there. i think you have to make one contest where people can take part once and if it select on random then they get prize this is my only opinion otherwise still i love this community.

You can put something like a notepad to get connect with a special person that would be cool.

if you like my ideas, iwill give you this one
a video chat room where a user can gett upvotes based on his live performance
i assume that this will bring more users specially the youth

A 3d printer/design tool like Thingiverse might be really useful here. Those of us who enjoy 3D printing are always looking for new ideas and are typically share our creations with others.

Using this site as a hub for sharing ideas, projects, advice, etc would be very beneficial. A reward system for something like that could be almost identical to Steemit and I think it would be very successful.

chatapp? like whatsapp
marketplace buy and sell? shirts from steemit or coffeecups ect
search and find?
how i start on steemit?
what can i do with steemit maybe partner companies here can i buy with steem$

It would be nice if we could exclude tags selectively, whenever i go to browse some of the less used tags the top is dominated by marginally related posts.


We already developed that in busy.org, go login in the website with your Steem username and go to different tags and click on favorite. You would have them on top of your tags list forever :-)

Great that we're getting this opportunity.

First of all I think a decent multi-language support feature, adopting to the settings of the users device, NOT geo-based, is in my opinion necessary.

Also I think Steem would benefit from a social login button like other social networks use. This should be quite easy to program.

Great work, if I come up with other requests/features I'll let you know.


Thank you for your ideas :-)

I think that Steem is actually the perfect place for simple gaming and betting (on all kinds of events).

Steem can also become the future of charities and we don't even need new apps for that:

  • no need to actually pay to donate
  • transparent
  • easy to create articles

Steem is awesome!

I can't imagine how big it could become!

Hey there welcome to Steemit, I hope you have a great time here,looking forward to reading more of your post

I know one thing I use everyday and its my app to let me listen to music. I you could integrate that then let people share music with each other on steem (kind of like qq music which lets you share the music into WeChat). So if someone posts a song you can just click on it and listen to it.

Also I don't know if this has been said already but I live in China currently so I use WeChat everyday. One of the best features for WeChat is WeChat pay. It lets you scan a QR code and pay anyone else who has the app. It also let's you pay bills.

Another app we use a lot would be Meituan, It let's you order food and pay with WeChat pay. You can also buy movie tickets and things like that.

Hope that helps.

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Hello, I discover your blog. It's a pretty good job. 👍
I am thinking of the integration of an application that improves the creation of post in Steemit.

  • Have the emojis directly accessible.
  • Built-in spell checker.
  • And above all to be able to record notes.

I invite you to go see my channel, I made an article on EOS.

An in-house steamers only YouTube and a steamer curated Pandora.

Telegram app where i am getting paid.

In my opinion an app were you could see whom of your followers are not actually following you(not active/followed you just for a follow back). Another one I would love to use is an app that basically does analysis on your blog and tells you where you could improve, like adding more personal information, more photos, less paragraphs and etc...

Maybe some groups, something like guilds in WoW :P , for example i am from Serbia i would like to have our group called Serbians or something like that, where i can stick with my owns and we can help eachothers with reestems

O and how about a google earth system that will bump up this adventure.

maybe a rideshare app where users can share rides and get rewarded based on the mileage/duration, etc? points could be accumulated and rewarded in steem.

a daily quiz app (with sections like entertainment, gk) where users accumulate points on the basis of questions they answer correctly and get rewarded steems. you can have advertisers on board who can have brand specific questions.

Crypto price check
Voice record
Occasional games.

Probably something like fiverr where people can offer their services to other steemians who are looking for such services for and get paid in steem dollars. Since i notice we have many artistic and talented steemians in here.

And also can we make the search function better as i notice whenever we search a topic or word and after viewing one article, when we go back to the page, we have to key in our topic or word again

Thanks for looking to continue to develop steemit

I use wowapp to stay in touch with my friends and Lucky Day to get distracted and earn some money every day.
But, the most interesting is the Photo Editor, so I can edit and improve the images taken with mobile.

Bitcoin Blockchain Raises Record $40 Million in Google Ventures-led Series B



Great post. Check out my profile if you have time :)

I think Steem has the power to get to the top of the world - need an app asap

What about Pinterest? I use it constantly for ideas on my house, garden and other hobbies I have.

An app for chating with steem followers and following one on one.
So that its easy to connect with the followers and the one whose we are follower. It would be great is you could make discussion room's or planning room's or surprise someone kind of room functions in that app.
Not just a simple chat app. But a one in which their are lot of functionality over chat. It would encourage people to follow who they want to talk to.

I'd love to be able to tag videos or content that I normally return to without it having to be posted to the public and annoying other people or getting voted down. For example, I am looking for reasons to stay on Steemit more. I use YouTube to listen to music so I'd like to tag my favorite songs on YouTube on to my personal steemit page so I can access them from Steemit rather than closing out my steemit app and going to the youtube app. This could work for many things. I have seen peoples posts that I want to go back to, but have no way to bookmark them unless I resteem. Again, would love to be able to track items I want to go back to without annoying other people. The more time people spend on Steemit the more engaged they will be.

Something like a cross between fiverr and Skype pay-per-minute where expert Steemians could be in a directory and indicate when they're available for paid calls with Steemit newbies who want to pay them for advice/assistance.

I'm late to the party but I use memrise everyday. It's a language learning app that's really useful. I also use myfitnesspal to track calories and macros. It's great for staying healthy.

Although i am using esteem Android App, but i have heard its not Steemit official android app. Everything is moving toward mobile devices, I like the steemit website but not every user can be around their laptop whole day so
My Suggestion is It'd be nice and user friendly if you provide an official Mobile App through which we can do all the basic stuff at least like upvote and comment.
and thanks for asking this question.

AN application for iOS and android for steam, you build on steam for steam :-)

Soundcloud. Artists get x Steem every x number of plays. Or something with reposts; in the underground rap community on Soundcloud a starting out young artist will usually pay $20-$50 for a larger artist to repost their track for a day. It gets kind of tacky with the bigger artists posting on their IG and twitter "doing reposts today for $20 hit me up"... would be better if it was more discreet and all easily done through Steem

Hey @poo. Simple apps to just keep track of your mentions, I feel some notify you but you cant always go back and check who mentioned you and why.

@P0o - It would be great to have the following Apps -

  1. A quick - Steemian consultation app - For anything that we need advice for. Like a massive 'CrowdBrain' (for lack of a better word). For example - I may ask advice on travel destinations, best engineering courses to take, recommended diet plans etc. You could brand it as SteemConsult !
  2. A sports stats app - It would be fun to have ticker updates and at the same time chat with Steemians who are following those games as well**

Thanks and Regards,

A minnow (7 days and counting)

Well.. I use WhatsApp... many time for day. For me is the most easy way to stay in touch with all my friends.

Simple: Add Google Search Function to all the Steem Blogs. Add a search box on the home page.

I use esteem to navigate steemit, facebook and whatsapp daily

Hi! I think a survey app. Everytime we do survey we earn rewards. Have a wonderful day!

I'm a teacher, and there is a web called teacherspayteachers where we can buy & sell your worksheet and teaching materials. I think this would be a good idea!!

I am using facebook for connecting with people and I am using google for enhancing my skills and knowledge too. They both are amazing app and site.
But I am seriously looking for a good income site and like me many other people too searching this kind of app and site.

An App that you can use to send messages to another user on steemit, and have a fast delivery time

I could see an app with a demand for crowdfunding using steemit to gather funds for projects.

App linked to reviews like Yelp: rewarded for curating real life businesses!

Two ideas here:

The first one can be an app similar to Yahoo finance, where you can track stocks and at the click of a button, be able to share one of more of them on Steemit in a blog post while allowing yourself to comment on what you think is happening and what you think will happen. This could be a great way to get community insight into how the stock market (for those who invest in it) is doing/going.

The second idea here is not an app, but more of a functionality for Steemit (I don't know where else to post this). But the idea is that similar to YouTube, you can organize your blog posts into categories/playlists to help keep things organized.

Maybe a Get Paid to feature. Members can create micro jobs/tasks that other member can do/perform and be rewarded for that.

I believe that an option to save posts to draft would be a plus! :)

Very informative post you have shared. I upvoted & resteem your post .

I prefer the Telegram Messenger application ... thank you

I use the different steem groups on Facebook, but other than that I don't use any third party apps for steem.

I do use Facebook regularly, as I run several different Facebook groups - a political group with 33,000 members, a friend's group with 7,000 members, and some other for buying and selling clothes.

I use Snapchat and Instagram regularly, but only because of friends and keeping everyone up to date with what I'm doing.

A steembay where you can buy and sell items with steem!!

an app to check my coins and sport events


Thanks but I'm not sure what you mean, can you elaborate please?


Sorry my mistake an app where I can share sport events or steem at the stock exchange
emergency app I find synonymous very ingenious

But for the beginning I should be urgently for new people a todo list it is at the beginning not so simple they timely here -
first: How can i start!!

@p0o I suggest to implement Steem in Habit related app which motivates people to improve and stick on planned routine to develop new and good habits

Basically the same things others have said. Youtube, Instagram, Pandora, Games. I think a more "Facebook Like" interface would definitely push people to the platform. Sorta how chainbb has made an "oldschool" forum style to draw in people more comfortable in that arena.

An app that can uploud video off my phone directly on to my post. With out using youtube

Not sure if this was mentioned yet. But what about having something tied into a fitbit type device and when certain goals are reached you get rewarded. Could be heart rate, steps, miles, calories burned, etc. Or something like a geo cache rewards for visiting hidden places in national parks or land marks.

Wordpress,instagram and pinterest

tinder could get a steemit implementation pretty nicely or different dating apps

To me if steemit could be lively more a bit it will be attractively to peoples like Facebook, posting of pictures, updating feeds and some privacy setting or custom settings, in the banking sector it will be more lively if one's can link up with your bank account like bank app which you can make use to buy and shopping online.

A steem counter app that gives all stats concerning steem.

I would also llike a app where i can follow my fav follows...


Well, apps can do everything nowadays so here are my ideas:

  • A translation app (more efficient than Google Translator)
  • An app which enables people to get in contact if they want some translations (for instance: I could offer my help as I'm a teacher)
  • Snapchat / Instagram to be rewarded for posting pictures
  • Twitch could be linked to Steemit : we could reward players of video games immediately via lives on Steemit (like a partnership between the two websites)

I am using already an app which shows your upvote value :D well it s not really an app

Youtube is the one I've been waiting for. Being paid in crypto to upload vids and ensures freedom of speech. (: As censorship is a big thing on youtube at the moment.

May be an app to know the pricing of cryptocurrency on a real time basis. As cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly and will continue to be growing in the near future as well. So, an app which can help users to know about their crypto pricing would be highly beneficial and worth a shot.

May be you can build an APP to fetch hot trending topics/content from other social networking sites or may be news feeds.