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Hello Steemers,

I'm an active developer in Steem's ecosystem for more than seven months (Busy Team). Please answer the question below in comments to help me and other developers about your ideas and get a reward of $2 to $8 (my voting power) based on how much useful your comment is. I will try to reward all comments. Thank you

Question: What kind of apps you use in a daily basis that you think can be implemented on top of Steem?

(For example an app for runners that can reward users based on achieving their goals)

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Thank you very much and Steem on!


I think some kind of ICO can be done on STEEM platform. We can distribute coins based on votes post ( or series of posts ) receives. Or just funding projects without ICO, something like Patreon. It could be done now on steemit.com itself, but with nice interface it will quite a different matter.

Some sort of steem integrated music library (itunes, Google play, etc) would be very cool to have. Offer selections of steemit musicians with options to purchase albums or individual tracks based on a selected price of steem/sbd. I just made a post last week about potentially releasing an album exclusively through steemit and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would find something like this useful. Plus with the state of the digital music world lately, a steem-integrated app for artists to sell could end up huge! It is significantly easier to spend steem on music than actual dollars, and doing so before it even transfers to BTC or your bank is way easier and a little more painless. Could be a cool market if it was promoted well.

Very interesting idea. Which business model of monetization for music you like more? similar to Google Play (purchasing tracks/albums) or similar to Spotify (live streaming)?

I feel like Google play would be a more simple way to implement it since it is a straight across direct transaction. Idk how easy the streaming idea would work but then again Im no expert in that tech lol

Snapchat, reward for sending snaps to friends on a daily base. Like a snap-streak :)

Thanks! Good one.

i think an emergency application would be useful on top of steem where people could help out fellow steemians in need when something goes wrong say at an airport, broke down at the roadside, not sure how we would do it because the funds would be gathered from lots of steemians and need to be accessed instantly to help the person - i'm thinking you have a network of say 50/100 people linked in that have agreed to help in an emergency, i could talk you though it if you wanted.

Great idea, thanks for contributing. Yes funds should be available in one account (can be gathered for free by users upvoting the posts from emergency account) and then send to the person by acceptance of providers of fund. However the process of verifying who should get the money without a chance to abuse the system is a challenge.

sure, absolutely and i agree. we don't want gobs of people just be like free money, i think some kind of sliding scale of trust and authenticity based on engagement and compassion, comments, those are your circle of trust. it could be done. just need to sound it out.

hmm I noticed there's a lot of writers/musicians here. It'd be cool if Steem had a downloads platform where people could tip or buy high quality downloads of books, music, games ect directly from content creators, and then pay them in steem dollars or alternatively tip them for offering free high quality downloads.

A native streaming music/video uploader that paid for views in steem would be cool too. Then people could put their videos directly on Steem instead of going through YouTube.

Nice idea! I also was thinking a good gateway or download platform for steem would be great.

I think something like a StackOverflow would be pretty amazing, I could see it implemented very cleanly on top of Steem. As developers we can't go a single day without looking for answers on bia Google and that 7 times out of 10 will always lead back to StackOverflow! I don't know what I would do without Google and StackOverflow. They've done a great job building they're community, but I think Steem would present a clear opportunity for even better answers and content. Cheers!

Right but it's not easy to make it as competitive as StackOverflow is. They are totally dominant in any kind of programming Q&A website. However, the same concept but on another niche might work much better with Steem.

Yes, totally agree. I was just using the SO as an example. I think a QA format would fit nicely on top of Steem

I would love to see location based add-ons. Something besides the normal post tags. For people not in major cities, being able to sync up to people locally would be great. And could also be used to tag pictures/posts when traveling, going to restaurants, events, etc.

Very nice idea for a location based app to connect steemers. Thank you I loved it.

Apps I use every day? Well I do a lot of events on Facebook because I manage a guesthouse and play in bands and what not. I think it'd be cool to have a sort integrated events platform. Since I could send peopel to read my posts with no problems, it'd be cool to send events that people could RSVP or something like that to introduce them to the platform.

Thanks interesting idea :-)

Thanks! I figure it's the mundane stuff that really forces us to stick with a particular platform. That an integration on other things we're stuck with. For instance, I hate facebook, but the ubiquitousness of the events keeps me planted to some degree. I largely tweet and just let that go to facebook so I can look at FB as little as possible.

I'm actually working on something for this right now. Based on a Wordpress website, Steemit is not really suitable, but with autopublish functions to Facebook, Twitter and Steem.

I really do not like the event functionality of Facebook and they changed their API so you can no longer automagically add events, so I post posts now LOL.

What pisses me off is the fact that I can't actually invite the people in my group to an event. I HAVE to advertise to them or else it doesn't work. I can invite my friends, but people I don't know have to hopefully see a post which of course Facebook is not incentivised to show people as much... not that I could prove that.

You are right; Facebook added events as an afterthought and it does not really seem to be important for them.

One of the other problems I have is that it is very difficult to determine which information is correct. When multiple people create the same event, but with different information you still need to go and find which is correct.

I think we can gain a lot by doing this correctly.

Don't know if any one here has posted something like this but how about any popular language learning app. I live in China and know only a fraction of the language. I'm too lazy or busy at times to study but I really do want to pick up on it more. I can imagine it being integrated into Steem and rewarding you to learn any language. It'll give you an incentive to put in time and effort to learning the language you desire. In the end you prosper and have become fluent in a new language, a notable accomplishment.

Certainly some kind of bank app in order to link Steemit with the old world and enable us to pay/get paid in steemit or easily convert steemit in local currency or other crypto currency directly within the website. The current system still seems a bit complicated to a newbie like me.

Thanks Arnaud, meanwhile you can check bittrex.com for depositing your steem and exchange it to Bitcoin. I think the bank option is also available in the site but if not the process of converting Bitcoin to any local currency is pretty straightforward with local companies.

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