Good I am 100days on steemit

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Some months ago, On a glorious morning.

I was able to join this blockchain STEEMIT . I was invited by @josoft and taught by @ninoh22.
So, I am a product of @ninoh22 team campus campaign of @steemjet community which is anchor by @dimimp the man of delight.

I was unable to go about the platform after my account is been confirmed, Why because it was so comprehend for me until a friend of mine @sirpee1 help me with my first post which is my “introductory post”. I made my introductory post and was unable to make more steem.

I was not encourage with the upvote which I made this make relaxed but, I keep working hard.

Kudos to @surpassinggoogle who encourage me to ulog, a community which give me courage a bit.

There, I was able to make some steems through their upvotes and discord server.

I have also be introduced to Steemjet community by @thompson2 but is so uncool the man @dimimp who have being great work on Steemjet has never once look in my proposal talk less of hire me.
My story we not complete, if I don't mention few out of important signatories that has helped me in the journey of STEEMIT, most especially @dimimp @donkeypong @vjbasil @surpassinggoogle @ninoh22 @thompson2 @benjamin60 @josoft @oyec @afolwalex @mbj @ogowinner @Omowumi @sirdeza @dhayo01 @artzone @sirpee1 @kristenantai01 and lots more. These guys are wonderful, without them I would have made nothing.

Thanks to everyone who has made STEEMIT a better place for me.

Therefore, I dedicate this post of mine to @dimimp.

Long live steem!
Long live Steemit!
Long live Ulog!
Long live steemjet!
Long live Uloggers!
Long live Steemians!

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