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The reason the price of Steem is lowering is largely due to the Steemit platform itself having fresh competition. At least this is my speculation. With viable competition in regards to platforms, especially with the added note of the near future involving using an AI to find quality posts so people can't just buy vote bot votes or bit on votes in order to front page... or a random whale just posting little one liners and raking in the cash over nothing, that is one huge plus of the new platform.

Then there's the extra added benefit of Weku also planning to have video and audio uploads into it's system rather than having to rely on third party developers to provide that service is an even bigger plus.

If Steemit is to pick back up, I'm definitely thinking they need to get on the ball and start incorporating these additional features and change how things get on the front page. The front page is mostly garbage posts, the lowest quality posts I've ever found were always on the front page without fail.

The other issue is Steemits insane bottleneck wait times. It's super difficult to get anyone to join in over here from my social medias because of the wait time or the cost of buying in immediately making them just roll their eyes and go "Yeah, how about no? I got and bitchute and twitch and YouTube and all that's instant, why would I wait weeks to get activated when I can just wait seconds to minutes for activation?"

Fix these 3 things and things will improve.

Also Steemit is quite the pain in the ass to invest into financially. If I want to invest, I have to first invest in another cryptocurrency and finally trade that cryptocurrency over into Steem. Cut out the additional steps and make it so Steemit can be invested into directly without having to first buy Dogecoin, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Dash, etc first and then convert it.

That will additionally improve the platform.

Steemit developers can't wait any longer before making much needed changes. Competition has already arrived.

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Overly minimal dude


This is just my speculation on why it's decreasing, not a solid fact.

Neat type.