FEED IS NOT GONE, It is now your HOME page.

in steemit •  2 years ago

Hi Steemians,

In the last hour there was a change in the Steemit UI, lots of people are wondering where the FEED button go. Well it is now the "home" button located in the top bar, right beside the "new" button.

You will notice that the URL displayed when you go to home: "https://steemit.com/@<account_name>/feed" has always been the URL of your Feed.

First thing you'll see !

Now if you are logged in, HOME is the first thing you will see if you go to www.steemit.com

This is actually pretty cool cause when going to the site you will immediatly see the content of the people you follow.

Look somebody elses Feed

Now if you want to look at the Feed of somebody else you would need to manually enter the url, using the account you want to see. Like https://steemit.com/@<somebody_else>/feed

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I was wondering to see this button, because I need to see my preferred content.

Now I am about as confused as
a digbat from Bluberry Hill!!!
Thanks For Your Posting on this
I was thinking the Home Page
was Steemits feed
Ha Ha
They are really making some changes
Steemon Fellow Steemian!!!


Hi @anns , no, you can tell cause of the URL being displayed.


@anns you're everywhere! Love it 😂

My feed was my first stop anyway, so this is good.

How do we get to the feed of another user? I can see that the URL still works, but can't see it on the menus. I use that a lot to find new people to follow


Hi @steevc, well the only way I can figure out is to manually change the url using the account you want to see the feed from. Like https://steemit.com/@steevc/feed


Exactly. They should just leave the Feed button on all profiles, but keep your personal feed as the default home. I would hope to see preferences at some stage so we can personalise our experience.


There's no direct link to it, but you'll just have to go to their blog and add /feed to the end of the address.


Yeah. That's not ideal. Most people won't know to do that.


The Feed link has been actually moved from the profile page. Bad move!

This is great for encouraging users to follow more people! Instead of seeing Trending posts as their default view they will now see their own feed, like in FB!


Yes @bitcoiner ! My thoughts exactly now you will more likely follow people (and vote for people you follow) cause that what you'll see first now.

And I was looking for that button...!?!lol!!

it's better this way, i guess

what is there a promote button? is that new there? What other new changes are there? just got back today after a couple days.