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RE: You are Not AHAB. Stop Chasing WHALES! A call for good content.

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re Quote: "or to be part of a revolutionary experiment?"

Sorry, but I can't hear the "You're all just whale-hunting" argument anymore.
Not trying to complain or bitch around, and I really love people being successful here whatever they put into it and seem worth sharing. So far it's more about understanding the community a bit better.
While your argument sounds valid, so far it doesn't feel in any way like a "revolution", but just the typical social-media-phenomena platform that favours gossip, shiny photos and arbitrary "look how great I am" posts.

But while all those "motivating" articles are great and all, I really start doubting Steemit as a useful platform from a "revolutionary" point of view regarding quality.

i.e. I wrote this article here.

I put a shitload of work into it collecting the information and putting them together after years of travles and making contact with locals that I would consider really helpful for those interested. Like a real travel-guide should be in my opinion.
Sure, it's a niche-post in a way and one might not like the topic, but in the end there were like 5 votes worth 0.03$.
It's not so much about the money or whale-hunting in any way, but the work doesn't seem valued if you compare it to other travel-articles getting dozens and hundreds of votes for 3 pictures with arbitrary text. I really love writing, but not sure what to make of Steemit yet and if that's some kind of revolution I'd like to be part of to support the next superficial fashion-trend...


If you like what you wrote, great. Write again! The posts that are successful are not the reasons why our own posts aren't successful. We just haven't written our own successful posts yet.

Yeah sure, as I said.
It's not so much about complaining, but about understanding and testing if I'd like to be part of the general trend Steemit is heading atm. We'll see.

You have a point but you're also didn't write too much either. You wrote 3 4 posts and expect to hit it big? I dunno if that's how it should even work :)
I did like your Amsterdam post though, can't wait t visit again!

No, in no way expecting it to hit big at all. But expecting to draw some attention compared to other posts in the travel-category, definitively yes!

But my point was to understand the project better, not complaining. Might sound like that, due to the fact english isn't my mother-tongue and it might sound harsher than it was meant.

IT's a grind, man :)