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No one has a voice without a platform and no one utilizes his platform without cash, Steemit has provided us (youths) the platform, enpowers and rewards our efforts.

I support War against poverty through Steemit by @oyemacourage

As always said, "we are the future of tomorrow", this igorance must be cured now because yesterday's tomorrow is today, so the said future is already here, lets' rise in our various countries and take our place as leaders and strength of every nation.
Share your views on Steemit, get rewarded and pursue your views with action and we will together make our various Nations, Continents and the World at large a better place.

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niec post oty!
i have hope in steemit and its potential to help us the youths from all over the but more us from africa!


This is very true


follow me! lets be fanofafan.