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Hi, everyone!  I'm happy to announce the beta release of steemURL.   I created steemURL to solve a few problems.  Unfortunately steem URL's are inherently long.   Another issue is as the community grows and users begin marketing effects - there is no easy way to track individual click performance and impact for your different online campaigns. steemURL solves both of those problems and aims to be the solution for marketing Steem URL/Links.  

steemurl - A tool that makes sharing steem links a lot easier and informative. 

Here's how it works:

1.  Create your account

2.  Import any Steem post url

3.  You will be redirected to your dashboard with your new shortened URL and current stats 

5.  Share your steemurl shortened link on steemit or other sites (you can easily do this by clicking "copy" to your clipboard)

4.  As external users click on your short url your clicks and other analytics are recorded for your review

5.  You can now start posting your steem urls like this



Sharing shortened branded steem links will be less intrusive for sharing both in the Steem website itself and externally on other social media sites. 

You will now have detail breakdowns of clicks and top performing steem urls. 

You will now have detailed referral information.  You will know exactly where your clicks are coming from and performing best. 

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Look forward to hearing your comments!


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This is great. The community is really creating a lot of beneficial Steemit extras.

this is epic

we have ?r=cryptoctopus that is used by track people creating account. Does the link shortener preserve those? (I know bit.ly didn't for a while)


HEY! There is an issue, the shortener goes to a different url over time!


should be all resolved. Thanks!

Fantastic! This will be highly useful for the community! :)

you are spoiling us :)

Yay we now have 2 services for short urls!
Edit: I didn't saw about the differences until now, this is great!


Actually I think there's at least 3 :)

This is great man! This community is growing so quickly

That's a great job. It's going to help us in Steemit

So awesome!

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This needs way more votes! Thank you for creating this.

Welcome to the link shortening tools club mate :)
I made steem.ly a few days ago too with the same purpose :)

This is really great ! I will try it soon !

You're on fire, man! Any thought to putting this up on github so other PHP devs can play around with it as well? Some things I'd like to see which may or may not relate this specific tool:

Similar to the rich list, I'd like to see one sorted by:
Curation Reward
Post Reward
I'd love to see change over time graphs on various things including:
Steem Power
Curation Rewards
Posting Rewards
Number of Posts
Number of Votes
This is making me jealous because there's a part of me that wants to take a sabbatical from my company and work on tools like this all day long. Very well done! Keep it up!