My poem about Steemit under the name: "Anything is possible into Steemit"

in steemit •  10 months ago

I got into Steemit just for fun ... I thought innocently: Now I will make tons and tons of money here.... I will go on vacation by the sea. But it turned out it's not that simple. First, you need to understand everything ... Where, what, where and when. And where are the wonders buried! There are whales, dolphins and baby fishes. And even killer whales are swimming ... But there aren't sharks, but where are they?! They are waiting all the time.. And this is the result – there are different ways here.. You should write here sincerely and from your heart. Then reward will be waiting for you. After all, the whales are human beings too... ***
The verse is dedicated to the first decentralized social network "Steemit"

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