Week 3 Update: Powered up 128 Steem and have almost reached 100 followers!

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Hello Steemians!

After bitcoin shot up to 20k last month and nearly every cryptocurrency followed, I started looking at my crypto portfolio a bit closer. Currently, over 1,500 coins are traded on the exchanges, yet most don't have a serious plan or way to implement their ideas - even if they wanted to.

There are plenty of ways to make a profit with crypto at the moment, but many of these investments will lose out when the bubble burst. Creative coin names, slick marketing, and neat ideas will only take a project so far. Because of this, I've started selling off coins I feel have less potential in future years in order to focus on projects with a strong community, solid development team, and positive momentum behind them.

It wasn't long before I realized Steem had all of these attributes and more...

After three weeks on the platform I'm up to 128 Steem Power, 90 followers, and a 40 reputation. My power should increase again in coming days as I'm waiting for some funds to arrive from the exchanges.

Since I've now reached 100 SP, my new goal is to accumulate 1,000 Steem Power.

Have a great weekend! :-)




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If you want I can sell for you more steem.

you will reach 200 soon !

Did you invest directly into the platform?