v0.6 released: rolling 24h period ratings upgrade

in steemit •  2 years ago

After receiving some feedback on the usefulness (or lack of that) of ratings for yesterday, I've upgraded them to include posts and comments only from the last 24 hours. And it's much better. If anyone has more feature suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.

Steempunks changelog

  • Rolling ratings upgrade
  • New index page
  • Minor performance and UX fixes

Available Daily Charts

  • Follows per active user
  • Reblogs per active user
  • Volume Weighted Average Price
  • Active Human* Stakeholder
  • Active Authors
  • New Accounts
  • Number of Posts
  • Number of Comments
  • Liquid STEEM/SBD Payouts


This is 0.6 release. If you have any feedback, suggestions or need a feature, get in touch.

  • Significantly more charts, tables and visualizations
  • More ratings
  • Realtime dashboards
  • Personal analytics
  • Curation bot and linkback bot controls

My tech stack

  • Postgres 9.6
  • Postgrest
  • React 15.5
  • Rxjs 5
  • create-react-app boilerplate
  • Elixir


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Nice work @ontofractal. This will be very useful for me. Thanks.

thanks for creating a great bot for me. I really appreciate it.


You're welcome, @stellabelle!


What's up with that anger? :D Linkback bot just notifies you when someone links to you.


I'm trying to learn how to do this but some people and other bots have been attacking me for posting my own content, I though it was a nother harassing bot. My bad sorry bro


No problem, man. Take care

Hey, I wrote a post about your curation bot services. Let me know if there's anything incorrect that I need to change: