What is Steemit "Goldilocks Rule" ?

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Well we all have goals and aspirations in life which is easier to say than executing them. While we are learning to motivate our self to accomplish goals, in fact it is one of the hardest things that we can ever do in life. 

Goldilocks Rule is commonly referred as stipulates that our ability to stay motivated will falter when pursuing goals that are out of an optimal range of difficulty. To explain this let's take example of starting to blog on steemit. Within a short space of time, we may find our self to write more and more blogs and coming close to approaching the initial goal that we set.  However as the pace of our progress slows and the difficulty eases, we are likely to find our motivation wane accordingly. In other words, we will struggle to remain motivated as the scale of thousand tasks we set to archive, make it seemingly impossible.

So how to apply the Goldilocks Rule and start to learn motivate our self?

Humans are at their most motivated state when we undertake task that are on the very edge of our ability, as we seek a balance between challenging our self and making progress along the way. By understanding this is the first most important part of learning to motivated our self and after that successfully pursing goals. Next... following Goldilocks Rule also enables us to unlock another key of motivation which lies in the progress and development as an individual. By accomplish manageable challenges, we are able to archive happiness. If we are able to keep measuring our personal development and success on regular basis, we can archive a positive mental flow that enables us to face upcoming challenges, drive consistent performance and archive our goals over period of time.

That's it for now. Thanks you.

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