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RE: Self-voting user list since HF19 - PART 3 (potential comment abuse)

in #steemit4 years ago

Yippee, friend free list. Thanks for this. I DO vote for myself. But maybe a quarter to a third of my voting power. This is a bit overboard.


Your percentage is about 25%, meaning you self-vote 25% of the rewards on comments of the total rewards you give out. That's slightly too high in my opinion. But you were probably not aware of it :)

Okay cool. I will definitely work on it. I've begun to notice though, that intelligent voting for others brings more rewards in terms of the favor being returned than self-voting.

Depends if you're a content creator or not. If you're exclusively a curator then it's almost impossible to make more money by voting on others compared to voting on yourself. And content creators are the small minority of people, so the protocol currently is very problematic for curators :)

Oh okay, I would define myself as a content creator and not a curator, so that makes sense.

onetree, why do they have the right to tell you what percentage you vote on yourself? You make content, you interact with others... You are benefiting the platform at your current level.

fyi, I don't care how much they talk about self-voting, however, the day anything "code-based" solution to self-voting is implemented, I will be powering down.

As you weigh my opinion, please note, I have not been on any list of self voters.

Yip, Steemit needs many code based solutions! You have always had strong opinions, which I really value.

@whatsup And what about a code based improvement in incentive to vote on others, without a direct "restriction" on self-voting?

P.S.: you misinterpreted the conversation about self-voting %, i was talking about comments, not posts. Comments don't deserve nearly as much as posts as proven by the averages.