Steemit Experiment - how many people will upvote a picture of a dick and balls

in #steemit6 years ago

As seen from space:

To be fair - here is an image of female reproductive system - with a little more detail:

I am doing this as an experiment as I saw someone wrote a post with no content - just the headline - "how many comments and upvotes can this shit post get?" It got over $100 and heaps of idiotic comments.

Personally I have no faith in the value of Steemit as a platform to make any actual money.

Selling all my bitcoin today. No more crypto losses for me. Although at present that's impossible as the exchange where my bitcoin is stored if I transfer from my Trezor "currently does not support selling bitcoin from your country" - but we will update you when we do - what the actual Fuck.

If a currency is not viable as a means of exchange - aka - bitcoin and all the other shitcoins - then its rubbish really.

Biggest mistake I made, apart from starting a failing Amazon business and moving to Belize - was buying crypto.

Anyway I hope you are all having a much better day than I am having.

Let's see if this shit post gets any upvotes shall we.

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