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Hello Steemians! We have been running the upvote bot for about a week now.

Voting Percentages

We are playing around with percentages between 5%~15% to make sure the upvotes are worth at least 0.01~0.02 USD.

To use the bot, just mention @onepagex as a reply to any post and it will upvote the main post!

We have had quite a few users use it, and so far the feedback has been positive.

Why Free Upvote Bot?

We love the Steem ecosystem and are happily investing in it. That being said, we aren't as active as we'd like to be so we decided to pass the voting power onto people who could do something useful with it!

Future Changes

We are playing around with how to do upvotes as well as how to decide percentages. As of now it is at 10%. Here are some of our potential ideas, and we'd love your input:

  • Use a random generator to decide between 5%~15%. Just to add a little bit of fun to it!
  • Give users with higher reputation higher voting power votes.

What do you think? If you have any ideas or think either of the two above are good please let us know via comment! Updates

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would u consider to add more self-hosted chains not just ETH/NEO tokens? will try the bot!

We offer more than ETH/NEO as it is. There are over 140 cryptocurrencies trading right now. That being said, we will continue add even more in the future! Thanks for your input @kingscrown!

I’m new to the Steemit community. I had no idea that upvote bots would be openly promoted on this platform. It is a good thing I’m here to spread my content and making some small change is secondary. So, you can only make money on here if you buy bots or you can still make money organically?

Automation and botting have always been rampant on the Steem blockchain. "Steemit" is merely a front end to the blockchain. It's a bit complicated if you don't already understand blockchain, but there are other decentralized applications that tie into Steem. Some of the platforms that you can use even offer encouragement programs for using their platform. @esteemapp is one example, and I would highly recommend the platform to anyone; especially new users who are trying to grow without the use of services.

To answer your question about whether growth is possible without bots, yes it is, but it is not easy, and requires a great deal of time engaging with the community. Much of the community communicates directly through discord for community events, meetings, ect.. and there are multiple communities here!

A vast percentage of Steemian's today who do receive organic support, also post boost in acceptable amounts for account growth, and many who boost have been deemed an asset to the community. I should say those who boost "responsibly", but this is a matter of opinion and perspective of course. It's generally less frowned upon to boost if you are keeping your Steem Power, and supporting the sea of minnows with your vote. Boosting and withdrawing constantly isn't good for the economy here, and is obvious of intent for gain.. and nothing else.

Excessive use of bid bots, which results in "sharepool rape"; is a term for what happens when your piece of the pie is so big everyone else has to take a smaller slice.. Sharepool is where the generated "reward" Steem comes from, and it is limited, so use of services which takes too much away from this sharepool is considered abusive behavior on the Steem blockchain.

Would I say this post we are chatting on is an example of bid bot abuse..? Yes I would, because I don't agree with the reward for this caliber of material, but that is my opinion, and it may not align with others! The nature of the blockchain makes it so anyone can do what ever they want, and if you have the vote power to disagree, you can of course flag them, or you can choose not to, or.. they might be so (Steem power) powerful that it would be a bad idea to even dare flag them.. Some people still will flag regardless of consequence, and some choose not to no matter what.

Yes this is a different world, but those of us that have been around for a little bit aren't going anywhere, and I personally choose not to get involved with the drama and politics that are volatile around here.

So, this is quite a bit to take in.. Sorry for the super long message, but hopefully it helped, and if you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Welcome to Steem!

This is just a free community upvote bot that we are running. No payment is required, and it's just a way to make sure our SP doesn't go to waste.

Resteemed to my 7,000 followers! Thank you for doing this. :-)

I think this a great idea. I'm following you on Twitter and adding you to my steeming twitlist there.

Are you trading STEEM and SBD?

The best way to let people know about you is to post more. This is a hard place to get traction.

I write minnow tips here, and though you are not one, they might give you some ideas. It's written for little people, but I hear from bigger accounts that like the tips too. It's older, so don't vote it.

I voted all three of my accounts and all got a 10% vote for 2 cents. Thank you very much! I voted one of them twice to see if you would do two votes in a day and you did :)

You can get great curation rewards if you voted more often. After my 4 votes you were still at 99%

Thank you again for the votes and I am on this now, It is all about the pennies her eat my level.

What about adding steem to convert directly to other coins

Great idea

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It's a great thing but needs some work

Great idea have continued to make steemit a great place,thanks for your contribution.there is also an ongoing contest hosted by @onepagex,you can join if you want through cartedcontent

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I think the bot is down right now... doesn't seem to be working.

Thank you, for the heads up. @drutter

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I can't get the upvote bot to work.

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Same here. I don't even find the bot on their website. And there is nothing about it in their FAQ.
Currently there are 5 questions in their FAQ:
"What are the fees? How long does an exchange take? How can I integrate OnePageX with my website/service? What do the status messages mean? I have not received my transaction. What's going on?"
None of these are about their free upvote bot. There is nothing about their free upvote bot on their website. How can we use this free upvote bot?

It says to mention the account in a reply at it should upvote your main post. Nothing yet. Apps have to be maintained, but they gotta do what they say or they get downvoted.

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I tried 5 minutes ago. It is working for me. I have received the upvote and the comment that mentions the free upvote from the bot.

The free upvote bot is simply activated by mentioning @onepagex as a reply to any post.

Thank you, it is working for me.

Just reply to any post with @onepagex

It seems to be working fine. Please try it again :)

It worked but there was no Steem attached.

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I think that if it is reputation based you are screwed because reputation on steem means nothing.

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Tested. It works!

Some ideas:

  1. The vote came 20 minutes before the payout, although there seems to be a rule that votes are not accepted by the blockchain 12 hours before the post payout.
    But it came with a $0.00 vote, maybe because of the reason mentioned above. Do you have a time frame setting for your bot?
  2. Our reputation system is currently broken (thanks to bid-bots), so perhaps a system with the same percentage for all would be even more fair than voting for reputation.
  3. I would advise using blacklists by BuildAWhale, SteemCleaners, MinnowBooster, Utopian, Actifit, Redeemer to avoid supporting Steem abusers and draining your VP.
  4. Number of votes/user/day?

Some very good advice! Thank you! We will look into finding blacklists and preventing abuse.

There is no delay in particular, it reacts as fast as it can based on the servers used.

Forgive me if this is a silly noob question, but isn't this kind of a disingenuous way to give posts multiple upvotes from the same source, like everyone who upvotes can actually do 2 upvotes ...just curious as I'm new to this and haven't gotten completely familiar with how everything works so if I'm way off base @onepagex I apologize

There is a limit of one upvote for post, so it wouldn't work multiple times.

Very nice and very useful stuff from @onepagex

how to do i don't know

Thank you for doing this @onepagex ;)

Congratulations @onepagex Have a nice day!

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Do you have any limitations per tagging person? I've mentioned you in a few comments, but it worked only once.

@onepagex what about discord? And that classic $upvote section?

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This post has received a free upvote by @OnePageX
This bot is sponsored by! To use it, simply reply to your post with @onepagex and you will get an upvote! is the simplest cryptocurrency conversion tool online!

Well, this is one nice example
Seems like the upvote bot doesn't work very reliably lol

Thanks for the upvotes @onepagex didn't work today for some reasons but great work nonetheless!

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This post has received a free upvote by @OnePageX
This bot is sponsored by! To use it, simply reply to your post with @onepagex and you will get an upvote! is the simplest cryptocurrency conversion tool online!

Hi dear, @onepagex,

Can you please tell me,

1.How much vote I can get from you, per day. That means, if I make 100 posts per day, will you vote all of my posts?

  1. Is there time limit to get your vote? What is minimum duration to get the next vote. As you know minnowsupport takes 30 hrs for each vote

That is really a nice initiative and i prefer the voting should be random as it will give chance for minnows like us to grow as well.

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Great Post!

Set up currency analytics that you can use for free in my account You can see This @tradeexperts

Most of the times I call the @onepagex bot, nothing happens.

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@onepagex I have called your bot a couple of times and it never responded. Here is an example:

Hi @ond. Sometimes it is recharging if the power runs low. Please try again when that happens after waiting some time.

I am trying your bot but it's not working. Before one day it's work but now nothing happens.

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