SCAM ALERT ! Do not repeat these mistakes. Beware...

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As most of us, I do regularly check my steemit wallet tab, to see if any new SP/SBD is available to claim, to see if any prize or reward has arrived. This morning I noticed a strange 0.001 SBD transfer, with a leading message "ACCOUNT BLOCKED: We have detected unauthorized .... bla bla bla..." Right next to it was sitting a warning from @arcange, that someone is phishing info from me

Naturaly, the first thing that came to my mind, was to see who that @samstonehill really is.
WoW !! Somebody with more than a year experience, with a huge 70 reputation, 2K followers and 5718 posts, who is posting regularly, daily. Hmmm... this does not look good at all. Such people can not do things like that. His wallet show the same transfers+alert been sent numerous times, again and again:
Finaly I got enough courage to see what that enclosed link contains inside it. And here was the end of my doubts - this steemit oldtimer @samstonehill clearly has been hacked. A simple page , which may look legit from the first sight ( secure https site, STEEM logo, word "" in the URL) in fact is registered in.... what ? in Mexico ? Why .mx? And all that I've been asked is my steemit ID @+password/WIF+email. As simple as that :)

It does not took me long to find the full explanation from the victim, which I have upvoted at 100% right away, and resteemed on my own blog (check it out, my resteemed-post right behind this one). Such warnings always must be quick.

Now, after I read the full story carefully, I want to make some extra comments to my followers. If somebody with a 14 month experience and 70.5 reputation can make such a dramatic mistakes - everyone can. And this is what nobody of you wants ever to happen. Even if you steem savings are tiny, losing your account, and long created reputation, followers, and all that hard working results are just terrible.
And none will prove me that a one more advice and warning is too much in such situations.

So below is my advise on a major rules to be always remembered, to be kept following strictly while dealing with your steemit account. Starting from the most important ( as I see them).

#1. NEVER EVER give, or mail, or post your 1-OWNER password and/or 2-MASTER PASSWORD.No matter who is asking, where you been asked, on what page or link or message you got such a request. If you feel this is the only way you can solve the problem - just consult somebody who you feel has a better understanding of these security issues. NEVER EVER do anything in RUSH

These 2 passwords is what protects your account and your STEEM funds.

And there is a numerous, countless ways to provocate you to share those two important passwords

#2. NEVER log into this site with your master password, if all you want to do is just post another article or a comment. The best way to do this logging in - is with your POSTING password. If you want to transfer, convert, power-up or do anything else with your steem - you still do not need to use your Master password. Your ACTIVE password will do all job just fine.

#3. If you are creating a new steemit account for yourself, or helping to do this to your friend - make sure a valid, permanent Email address is used for the confirmation purposes. The Email, which has your permanent access. Preferably protected properly with 2FA. Never use a temporary, self-destructed emails, which you may have no access later on.

#4. WRITE down all your passwords from your "wallet-permissions" tab, and put them safely in an off-line place. There is no excess care of these keys - these are the keys to your crypto-money. Which has a nice feature to grow up in value while time goes on. Your miserable 100 STEEM account maybe your major savings part ten years later. There is not too much protection for things like this.

#5. Whenever you follow a link (no matter where and how you get it) - make sure the site looks legit. CHECK literally EVERY SINGLE letter of the URL. Is the top level domain the same? Is there 2-3 word combination in the URL? Is that site just one-page site, or it has all the normal parts ( FAQ, CONTACTS, TEAM, PRODUCTS, etc etc).
Got even smallest mistrust? Make NO RUSH. Double check. Tripple check! Consult. Beter be worry then sorry.

and last but not least....

#6 There is NO password reminder and/or recovery on STEEMIT. And it will never be. You deal here with cryptos, with blockchain. So act, and protect yourself properly. Nobody else can do this for you. The right level of understanding this is one of the major, key factors for success in the crypto world.

Be safe!


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Thanks for telling us about this situation. You save lives.

terrible mistake made huge cost. 70 rep level acc with 3000 sp loss by a single mistake. impressive guidelines to secure accounts from hackers & scammers. excellent article written by @onealfa

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Thank you so much for your resteem, @resteemia

@onealfa - Loosing 70 Reputation Level account is a terrible mistake Sir. You gave us a nice guidance to secure our accounts. Therefore, I wish to resteem your post Sir.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]


Thank you so much for your resteem, @steemwija

very nice post @onealfa, i also see that peoples are also making some fake accounts of some whales and reputable steemians e.g the original account is @jerrybanfield and the fake one is @jerrybanfeild it has "ei" at the end, instead of "ie" and the original account is @blocktrades and the fake one is @blocktradess - it has an extra "s" at the end, also watch out for those scammers too, upvoted and resteemed.


Thank you so much for your resteem, @bbomber

Thanks man! RESTEEMED...


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Thank you so much for your resteem, @msg768


Your welcome! My upvote's not worth much. I tipped you about $10 in SmartCash instead! :] Check my latest post out as we just released a web-based wallet :]


OK, will do . Thanks

OMG these scammers are out of control now, thanks sir for telling us about these hackers and also you tell us some really important tips for stay secured, i will resteemed this post to my followers too so that most peoples stay secured and never tell there master password to anyone.


Thank you so much for your resteem, @atechforu. To increase visibility in a very short time for such alerts is quite important. Upvoted.

Thanks for the information. We would take caution. Scammers everywhere. It is really a funny world we are leaving in. Resteemed, every steemian needs to know this.


Thank you so much for your resteem, @yaanivapeji

I hate scammers....
Thank you so much my dear friend @onealfa
For sharing this news...
Upvoted and resteemed...


Thank you so much for your resteem, @dinisanda

Wow its a coincidence! Just a while ago i read the post of @samstonehilltube about his account which is samstonehill was hacked. And now i came into your post @onealfa that someone tried phishing at you in the name of samstonehill. The hacker is using this account to hack another victim.

Please refer to @samstonehilltube blog about what happen to his hacked account:

Its very helpful and informative post @samstonehilltube and @onealfa and this will serves as warning to our friends here in steemit to be cautious to those hackers.

One lesson is never ever give our code and logs to anybody unless its verified safe.


Thank you so much for your resteem, @elizahfhaye

Thanks for the warning! Seriously it's community like this that helps stop the scams before too much damage.


Thank you so much for your resteem, @more.please.more


Thank you so much for your resteem, @more.please.more

This is very important information. Thanks for sharing! Resteem it.


Thank you so much for your resteem, @pentjosh

Great information Thanks will resteem


Thank you so much for your resteem, @richard78624

This is a great article! Yeah @accounttransfers is the account that used to hijack this @samstonehill account! Today morning I have noticed it and raise an alert also! That account had 3,000+ STEEM too :/
@samstonehilltube explained everything (the real owner had to create a new account)
As you said we should protect our OWNER/MASTER KEY! We should not provide it to anyone else! And we should not use it in other platforms as well!
This is a very useful article, you explained everything very well! Moreover, you gave tips to secure the Key at external place as well! Great work friend! Thanks for sharing such useful article with the community!



Yes, know...sometimes MURPHY strikes.... if this can happen to a 70+ REP oldtimer, it can do again (maybe in some other way) to anyone of us. And to me it seems just about the only good way to avoid this - is a

Maximum understanding of all what you do ONLINE. Always !

I keep repeating this to newbies regularly. Some think I'm a boring gaffer.
But I hope one day they may thank me.


Yeah, it might happen in different way! And yeah one day newbies will thank you for what you are doing now! (I already did :D)


I was shocked to see such a veteran steemian get scammed and fall in the trap. We must all be aware of the dangers with password. Thanks so much for writing this up mate!

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Hey, I also described this case on my blog for polish community
Upvoted and stay safe !

Congratulations @onealfa
MinnowsPower listed your post "SCAM ALERT ! Do not repeat these mistakes. Beware..." as one of the top 5 upvoted and commented posts of the day...!!!

Exceptional article about an account security with valuable guidelines...!!!

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thanks!People need to watch out!!!!!!

Thanks bro.../////

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I am a little worried for a friend. He has not posted for several days now, and I see one of those warnings on his account, during a time he seems to be offline. I hope all is OK... Thanks for the head's up.

Great advice and thanks for sharing! This is great information and steem insecurity sees to be running rampit.

One of the great post. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for this valuable information . This provides the basic dos's and don'ts for every new users joining in. Really helpful. . following you for more .

thank you @onealfa for the warning..

Very glad to have made it to your post here @onealfa I appreciate the tips and tricks as I am new and hoping for a safe experience here. You mention the Master Password and I understand that to be the one provided by Steemit when I was authorized for an account. The second one I am a bit unsure of what to do. Does this tell me I need to go into my account and change my password to a new one to use for posting and commenting etc. and that it will not interfere with my first Master Password? I just want to confirm before I go in and mess something up that will create delays in my time for posting etc. Thanks so much... Steem On! @vickiebarker

This is really a very good and informative post.

Thanks for your advice!

Thank you for the great tips and advise, with so many scammers on the loose we need to be extra vigilant with our accounts.

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oh no this is getting worse day by day anyways thanks for spreading the awareness :)

Thanks for the warning..worth a resteem for sure!

Thanks for sharing, resteemed, hope everyone will see it !
Bitcoin news here

thanks for the warning and we should be more aware of this kind of scammers .
Nice update and helpful

Resteemed both of your posts. Sorry for the delay; I didnt get a notification when you sent SBD

i hope this post gets max. likes an upvotes . Resteemed and upvoted.

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Thanks good information!

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