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Greetings, steemians! I came in peace! ))

First of all, I want to say that I do not represent any company. I represent  myself and my idea, which, I believe, can also change your life for the  better. I believe in the "win-win" approach, that is, I do not want to  achieve my goals at the expense of others, but I want to unite with  others so that it is interesting and useful for everyone.

I have a cool idea of an Internet service (web application), which can be easily monetized. This is a media platform on which authors publish content and get paid for it.  Before publication, the content is evaluated by editors who also  receive money for their work. I would like to see something like Medium  (medium.com), but with completely different content. I believe that the  most interesting and useful content is a personal human experience.  Something in between a review, a review and an honest story from his  life, from which the reader can learn a lot of new and useful (some  lifehacks) and get emotional charge. In fact, I would like to bring  together talented bloggers who know how to make good content and create  from their talent a beautiful and very edible "product". That is, to  monetize this qualitative content in a special way, through the system  of editorial evaluation, the system of co-ownership of the platform,  through crypto-tokens, the sale of advertising and other effective ways.

I  do not see any reason to disclose the specifics in this message. But I  will say a little about how the authors will receive their money through  the system of "co-ownership of the platform." 

The creators of Steemit social network tried  to realize the idea "let the authors receive money for their content."  However, their economic model has turned out to be clumsy and unsuitable for scaling. In their model, the author receives money in the event  that he received a live from the "whale". A whale is a participant, on  account of which there are thousands and hundreds of thousands of  dollars. There are several such whales. And there are thousands of  authors. Everything was very inspiring in the beginning, while the  authors were not many. However, at some point it happened that good  content was no longer noticed and evaluated, and all garbage posts began  to collect hundreds of bucks. This led to a massive disappointment of  talented authors and the emergence of an information garbage (most posts  about anything). Such a social network is not interesting either to the  author or to the simple reader, who is looking for interesting and  useful information. However, the very idea - to pay authors for content  is beautiful!

The whole question is how to allocate high-quality  content and where to get money to pay authors. The system of  co-ownership is the "Chartaev's system" that I revised, which was used  in the agricultural sphere in the 1990s. But the essence of this system  is universal and can inspire each participant to creative and productive  work. Its essence is that for each work, for each contribution to the  overall project (in this case, to the media platform, "to the site"), a  person receives a reward in points. As a result, each participant (be it  a software developer, content author, editor, moderator, marketer,  designer, etc.) forms his personal "labor" account, on the basis of  which you can determine what proportion of the company (platform) this  person owns. And all profit from the sale of the final product of the  company is distributed among all its co-owners in accordance with their  shares. Such a fair and beautiful scheme of profit distribution  incredibly motivates people to invest in the company (project, platform)  and do their part of the job quickly and efficiently.

I have a  more detailed description of the media platform, explaining all the key  algorithms of its operation. I would like to find like-minded  people-people who like this idea, people with whom I will be pleased to  communicate humanely and do something together, people who are ready to  invest their talents, skills, resources, time and vitality in the  project. In other words, I would like to make a start-up with people who  are not willing to be hired, just getting money for their work, but  with those who want to create a unique product and be its co-owner. I  myself have such entrepreneurial psychology and I am looking for the  same partners. I do not want to hire anyone, because I believe in other  ways of organizing work and teams.

If you like my attitude and  my idea, please write to me, I will be happy to meet you. Together we  will do something cool and great! ))

P.S. Now the team really needs developers of web applications, ready to create a minimally working functional with the use of any modern framework.

Thank you for attention! And I hope for a response! 


I thought dan was making steemit 2.0

I'm surprised Steem's creators are not trying to iterate on Steem as much as possible to improve the econ model. It's almost like they gave up?

I don't like your attitude and also not your idea.

Ouuuu well. I wrote about Steemit cancer a long time ago. And after half a year I still don't believe the real version will come out. Those who started it are rich now and that's it. If you will need some good photos and quality content I can help you with that... good luck

Thank you, @wnfdiary! I've added your contact to my like-minded book. I never give up. This is my position in life. That's why I don't want to wait for someone to do something better for me. I'll do it myself. For myself and for others.

well I was looking to create this type of platforms with video thing, one of the entire film industry of India is my folks,
I can provide lots of video stuffs, let's make it together.

add me on telegram @Kherwal
or WhatsApp +917063148856

bam ,

You have represented your concern (Which is exactly my concern) in a very lucid way. I agreed to each point mentioned above. I was searching for a good content today to upvotes but I was frustrated When I didn't find any. A lot of good content is not getting attention. It is turning down for Authors and Readers. I agreed as I still prefer Medium to Read stuffs. I come here to shower my small upvotes. Indeed, There are good people but it is very hard to find 'em. All I can find here are Marketting guys. Authors and readers are already frustrated with the platform. I appreciate your idea and I cannot help you with coding and money. I am open to spread your words to the masses.

Awesome that you're ready to spread the message! it's promoting, and it's really valuable thing!

its true man steemit has some set backs. I wonder though if at some point they will modify it or upgrade it how Facebook has changed its original looks and methods? Maybe because I am new here on steem, but I still like some of the content I find on steemit better then other social networks...

I am not sure if I could be helpful, but I certainly interested to know more about your plan, sounds constructive

Thanx! You can join our Discord channel - https://discord.gg/CuRdzDJ

This is great. In fact, it shows your entrepreneurial skills and tells us what you can do for the community and human race in general. Life itself is not static. We need to create something better than what we already have.

From this great read, I've discovered that you are looking for people who think in the same direction as you do. The Steemit community has created massive opportunities for us but we cannot turn a blind eye to its flaws.

Those that are using bidbots are abusing the system. You can hardly find great contents on the reputable trending pages. And for this, I think your idea is great. However, just as you made mention of, Steemit was also not like in the beginning. As more people joined, lots of unexpected things keep happening. That is one of the disadvantages of decentralized systems.

Seems your proposed system is not going to be totally decentralized, is it?

I'd love us to talk more about this probably on Discord.

Thanks for your respond, @teekingtv!

With regard to decentralization. In my opinion, there is no absolute decentralization. The plant grows from the root. The root is centralization. The sun is centralization. The problem is when the root rots, or when the Sun goes out.

I want to make the platform decentralized in the usual cryptocurrency sense. To make it impossible to close the server )) However, I want to ensure that the published content is of the best quality. To do this, it is necessary to moderate and evaluate it in internal ways. That is, with the help of editors, which can also be any member of the platform (no matter the author or not).

Ethereum is growing thanks to the Ethereum Foundation. And in this sense it is not decentralized. A similar situation occurs with bitcoin and any other project. There is a root - and it is difficult to decentralize it. However, the viability of the project on the Internet can be achieved through software decentralization, when a copy of the program is running on thousands and millions of computers. I certainly want to implement such decentralization.

interesante, si la verdad soy nuevo en esto y es una locura he visto poco contenido de interés

We can grow with the help of each other.

A good post with a economic model steem2.0 thumbsup

Any Steem 2.0 like service should have a decentralized (to the greatest extent possible) self-serve advertising feature so that creators can continually earn cryptocurrency for created content indefinitely. Viewers/readers should have an option to pay a fee in cryptocurrency to have an ad free experience.

Such a service can potentially replace Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, and so forth.

Totally agree! Exactly what I'm going to create!

La verdad he encontrado mayor número de publicaciones interesantes entre los usuarios con reputaciones entre 35-45 que mas allá de ese numero.

This is great

Any deeper thoughts to share?

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