I believe in Steemit

in steemit •  2 years ago 

The title says it all. I found out about Steemit 3 days ago, and it didn't take long to peak my interest. I've never been a man of social media of this sorts. But I do truly believe that Steemit is an amazing concept that will honestly grow into a powerhouse giant with time.

The concept is simple, give content creators a direct correlation from the votes of the people to the money they earn. Give people a chance to see that our vote matters in solid easy to understand numbers we use every day of our lives to value something.

The platform is clean and intuitive. A quick glance at the Steemit UI shows its simple, minimalist, and easy to use. Anyone can get into Steemit, and everyone has the chance to use it to its utmost potential. And more than anything it's another great place to learn new things, express ideas, get your work seen!

So I'm glad to have found this platform and I intend to do my best to support this community. Because I feel in my bones that this will all take off in a big way.

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Hey, thank you! I've got a lot to learn but I'm excited.