Missing 13th Amendment To The United States Constitution which was to prohibit lawyers from serving in Government.

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 Missing 13th Amendment To The United States Constitution which was to prohibit lawyers from serving in Government.

Missing 13th Amendment     To The  United States Constitution By The Pen Reprinted from the  Oregon Observer for April 1997 with permission [Note:  See Becraft on the    Missing 13th. Forest ]     In 1983 David Dodge and Tom Dunn were searching for evidence of    government corruption in public records in a Belfast Library on    the coast of Maine. They uncovered probably the most explosive    evidence ever uncovered in our history. They uncovered the United    States Constitution printed in 1825, which was to prohibit lawyers    from serving in Government. Extensive research since then has    uncovered the following:  1.) The unlawful removal of a ratified 13th Amendment from    the US Constitution.  2.) The Amendment had been printed in at least 18 separate    publications by 11 different states and territories from 1819 to    1868.  3.) The Amendment was secretly removed from documents by a    group of lawyers and bankers. In its place was entered the slave    Amendment, which was the 14th amendment, which was changed to the    13th Amendment. All of this occurred during the turmoil of the    civil war.  4.) Since the Amendment was not lawfully repealed, it is    still the law of the land.  5.) Colorado printed the correct 13th Amendment in 1668.    [This probably should read 1868.] The following is why the Amendment was written and what the    meaning is: (Keep in mind we had just fought the Revolutionary    War.) The "title of nobility" and words such as "nobility,"    "honour," "emperor," "king," "esquire" and "prince" normally would    lead you, today, to dismiss this Amendment.   Just Read More The "title of nobility" was prohibited in both Article VI of    the Articles of Confederation (1777) and in Article I, Sec. 9 of    the Constitution of the United States (1788). Although already    prohibited by the Constitution, an additional "title of nobility"    amendment was proposed in 1789, again in 1810 and was finally    ratified in 1819 (The 13th Amendment to the constitution). Here is the reason why. According to the Tennessee laws    1715-1820, Vol. 11, p. 774, in the 1794 Jay Treaty, the United    States agreed to pay 600,000 pounds sterling to King George III,    as reparations for the American Revolution. The Senate ratified    the treaty in secret session and ordered that it not be published.    When Benjamin Franklin's grandson published it, Congress was    outraged and passed the Alien and Sedition Acts (1798) so Federal    judges could prosecute editors and publishers for reporting the    truth about the government. We had whipped the British and now our    Senators had been bribed to serve the British Monarchy and betray    the American people. That is subversion. The United States Bank had been opposed by the Jeffersonians    from the start, but the Federalists (the pro-monarch party) won    out in its establishment. The initial capitalization was    $10,000,000 with 80% owned by foreign bankers. Since the bank was    authorized to lend up to $20,000,000 (double its paid capital) it    was a profitable deal for both the government and the bankers,    since they could lend and collect interest (usury) on $10,000,000    that did not exist. The European bankers outfoxed the government and by 1796 the    government owed the bank $6,200,000 and was forced to sell its    shares. (By 1802, the U S government owned no stock in the United    States Bank). The power and ability of the banks to influence representative    government by economic manipulation and outright bribery was    exposed in 1811, when it was discovered European banking owned 80%    of the bank. Congress refused to renew the bank charter, which led    to the withdrawal of $7,000,000 by European investors. This caused    a recession and the War of 1812. There is a book in the Library of Congress Law Library    called 2 VA LAW. This    reveals the overthrow of the constitutional government by secret    agreements engineered by the lawyers. That is one of the reasons    for the 13th Amendment. Seeking to rule the world and destroy the United States,    bankers committed many crimes. To escape prosecution bankers    hired and formed alliances with the best lawyers and judges money    could buy. This alliance originally forged in Europe and Great    Britain, spread to the colonies and into the newly formed United    States of America. Despite their criminal foundation, these alliances, forged in    Europe, generated wealth and, ultimately, respectability. Like a    modern unit of organized crime, English bankers and lawyers wanted    to be admired as "legitimate businessmen." As their criminal    fortunes grew, so did their usefulness. So the British monarch    legitimized these thieves by granting them "titles of    nobility." Historically, the British peerage system referred to knights as    "Esquires" and those who bore the knight's shields as "Esquires."    

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"Lawyers don’t solve problems, rather they complicate matters”  M.OC'

Government The wise magistrate will be strict with his people, and the government of a prudent man will be well regulated. As the magistrate is so will his officials be, An uneducated president will be the ruin of his people, a city owes its prosperity to the intelligence of its leading men.  The government of the earth is in the hands of the Lord, he sets the right man over it at the right time. A man’s success is in the in the hands of the Lord, it is he who invest the lawgiver with honor.   Isaiah 10:1-3       Woe to those who enact evil statutes And to those who  constantly record unjust decisions, So as to deprive the needy of  justice And rob the poor of My people of their rights, So that widows  may be their spoil And that they may plunder the orphans. Now what will  you do in the day of punishment, And in the devastation which will come  from afar? To whom will you flee for help? And where will you leave your  wealth?   What does the Bible, the fully inspired and inerrant Word of God, say  about government and politics, including the modern social welfare  state, public education, ownership of private property, and helping the  needy?   Maria O'Connor·Monday, September 12, 2016  


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