Mr Big Stuff

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Hey Friends!

Look Who Is Big Stuffing It!!!

First Milestone Post EVAR!

Mr Big Stuff, Who Do You Think You Are??? LOL

So the Old Guy FINALLY broke 4000 SP!! Now I have been known to do a few rants about the state of things here in Steem land, so I thought I would share a bit of positive as well. Now I have never bought in any SP, in fact I used to take a fair amount out. I have never used any bidbots. Every cent of this 4000 SP has been generously award by you all, and for that I am very grateful!

So please indulge me in a bit of reminiscing down memory lane of my time here on Steemit.

Always rocking the bed head.


Showered, Better!

Selfie Challenge


Vintage Monochrome Monday


Almost a year ago!

Old Guy before coffee!






Hank, my only friend!


Wedding a year ago lol!


Thanks for stopping by!

All words and images are mine (except the awesome song/video) and can be also found on my various social media sites.


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If you don't know, Watch the video!!!

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Haha, haven't thought about this songs in many years!


LOL Its a classic and quite fitting lol!

Congratulations, Mr. Big Stuff! OMG! Who do you think you are?

Well earned! All the while, sprinkling your brand of friendship around. Clink! Clink! Here's to hard earned cash.

You work hard for the money! So hard for it, honey! ;) Sing it to me!


Thanks! I try :)


He work hard for the money so you better treat him right.
LOL (I couldn't help myself.)


Oh, my!! You nailed it and you got the expression down. :)

Who is cool guy, I know and no one change my mind.

You, you you !!!!

Congratulations, Mr. Big Stuff!


tapxfly8yo.png congratulations ! ^_^

That is the best way to get it big guy. Well earned, congrats to you!

"Mr. Bigstuff, who do you think you are?" The coolest dude around, that's who...congrats on the big milestone. Well deserved, you are a beacon in the sky of what's good about Steemit. Getting where you are by simple (OK, not so simple) hard work, always there for we fellow Steemitians, and a constant source of humor and entertainment, with some heavy knowledge thrown in now and then, just to keep us guessing. Glad to call you my friend, and onward to the next 4000. Cheerio(s) and keep on keepin' on.

Wonderful ! what's 4000 sp ?? LOL... I can't believe I wasn't invited to the wedding. Fun photos !


Well done Paul, that is no mean feat to get to 4000 SP just from blogging. It's a gall darned miracle lol. You earned it buddy congratulations.
Resteemed to motivate the masses that follow me :-)

Mr bond 007...

Congratulations on your milestone @old-guy-photos
And now Mr. Big Stuff is going to be stuck in my head alllll night long, all night.


Ha! You returned the favor with another one that gets in my head LOL!!


Congratulations Old Guy. You've earned every penny. A lot of people owe you, including myself.

Steemit's doing its thing so I can't see the pictures or videos but I'll come back.


Congratulations, Mr. Big Stuff, 4K Steem is a big deal.

You've developed a great and supportive following, Good on 'ya!



Nice to meet your carpool lane assistant! I don't know if it's p-unny, but that's passable!