Calling Steemians to help make a change and save the missing.

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Re-Post of Original For Charity and Fundraising

Hello once again my fellow Steemians!

I am starting a new project, and I need some serious Steemians that are up to the task! It is called the

One Life At A Time Project

We all want to change the world to make it a better place for all, don't we? I know I do, but I cannot do it by myself. I always wanted to open a homeless shelter ever since I can remember, but I do not have the resources to make that happen currently. But I am driven to make a difference in this world before I leave it! And I have been wracking my brain on just how to do that. So I was thinking what can we do as Steemians that can really make a difference?

There are so many children that go missing every year, never to be heard from again.

If we can help find just one child, and make it possible to get them back home, it would make a huge difference to that child's family. I know that I would go absolutely crazy if it were my child out there, in trouble, and alone. These children need your help, and they need it now.

Are there any Serious Steemians out there up to the task?

What is needed to get this ball rolling you ask?

We need some Steemians to do the following:

UpVote Patrol: upvote olaat posts
ReSteem Patrol: resteem olaat posts
FB TW and YT Patrol: post olaat news on FB TW and YT

How many do we need? As many as we can get! So lend a hand. :-)

Take a look at the faces of the missing, and tell me you do not want to help. This is just one list, there are more out there.

Polly Klass Master List

Also check this link for the National Center for Missing Kids:
1 in 6 Missing Being Trafficked

I know that we all have lives to lead, so the more Steemians that can help the better. I have a Discord setup for this, so we can communicate. Let's take this wonderful platform of Steemit, and make use of it's full potential.

I am but one person, but together we can make a difference...
One Life At A Time!

So what do you say Steemians?
Got What It Takes to Make a Difference?

Slots Filled So Far:
Fundraising - @chiefmappster
Media and Posting - @michellecarter

OLAAT Discord - Join The Discord!

Leave your comments below, then Resteem please, thanks!


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Great news! :)

Great to see the @olaat account opened, may this project be a huge success!

Indeed! Thanks for your support! :)

This is a good idea, but we can do almost all the work through There's no reason to have another site, etc. I've done work as a PI for people out of state before too. If something needs to be investigated, it almost for sure will need to be done by a PI too. People can get themselves in a lot of trouble with the government if they are not licensed/registered as investigators.

Please join us on to talk about this idea more. One of the services I want to offer as a PI is missing persons and skip tracing, and I definitely want to be involved with missing children's cases. If there's a way to help, I'd welcome the chance. Thanks!

Wonderful @finnian! :)

Great you think we can do it through and don't need another site, that would cut down the work. Should have read this before doing my latest post!

Yes we were thinking we'd need PI help with this for sure. We have a Discord channel now, please click this link to join us -
If you have issues with the link then do message me on Steemit chat @michellecarter

We are delighted you'd like to help! Thank you!

I do not use Discord much, but I'll join it. Maybe make a #olaat channel on too? I can use that one at work, but a lot of people cannot use Discord while at work. It is directly linked to gaming, so a lot of companies block access to it.

Oh right, ok I'll let @inthenow know that. You can direct message me on for now if you want to. I'm in UK time zone so it's nearly 8.30pm here now