Close to 5000 Steem Power target

in steemit •  2 years ago

Just did some trading on Open Ledger Rememberd I still had some ICO there that I had bought a while ago using Steem Dollar. And for some reason I want to reach that goal of 5000 Steem Power as fast as possible. It has been build up since I started here, feels allready like ages ago.

And I could have waited a few more days, because the Steem Power grows anyway. That is the surplus of having a bit of VEST on hold. Most of that I earned by posting and curating in the past few months here at SteemIt. And now I got the part I had at the Open Ledger for a while back here.

Selling the ICO for Bitshares, trading those to Steem Power right away. Thanks to @blocktrades it went fast and smooth. Only a small amount, a lot less than I spent on buying the ICO. But it got me closer to my 5K SP goal, only 10 more Steem to go!

And then? What to do after that. Already a reputation 63.4, but things slowed down lately. Ah, well, almost reached another target. Who knows what the future will bring next...

pixlrd image cc-by-sa @oaldamster

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Thank you for posting @oaldamster. It is the tortoise that wins. All the best.

Here's hoping you will tell the story of this interesting photograph. Cheers.


You're welcome @bluejay and thank you too. Just like the sloth and tortoise all good things take time. ;-) And all the best to you too!

About the image. That started out as a photo from colorfull ledlights. I took at an unusual angle. Then I wanted to make a sparkling image from it. Like a party impression. For this I use Pixrl on my mobile.


Passed my own 1k SP target recently, 5k is still far off...


Thanks @ottodv!

And congratulations to you too on reaching your first 1K SP milestone.

Good luck on your way to 2K!

I don't go for SP these days, but go for more consistent posting - thus leading to a quicker reputational rising # ;)


That is a good idea.
May your rep rise quickly. Happy posting! :-)


Thank you old friend! Heading for the 6K post myself in a wee bit! MONSTROUS!!


You're welcome!
Go for it!

You will be at 5000 in a few hours with the interest , congratulations


Thank you!
This morning I saw it had gotten past 5K.
It pays off to power up.