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RE: My Statement on Tron's Acquisition of Steemit

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That was a great interview between yourself and @exyle but @andrarchy, in your closing statements you said, "...the founders have moved on."

Look around. The founders. We're all still here, man.


Also, @vandeberg is literally one of the founders and he's still around.

Grok that's the key word...more grokking please!

Think of it this way 1,000,000 grokkers >> handful of founders, even Justin knows this.

Two heads chiseled themselves off of our very own Mount Rushmore. The monument still stands.

Even you @smooth, you are still around here moving on as the current status implies. So invariably, no one is going anywhere. We are here ♨️💯

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I just meant that Ned and Dan have moved on. I absolutely agree that the community is what really matters, and to @smooth's point @vandeberg can be viewed as a founder (I would call him the true architect of Steem). I think that Ned and Dan always had this larger than life presence on Steem that made it difficult for the community to form its own identity and now that they have moved on, I believe we are ready to embrace our roles as the "real" founders of this technology.

I knew what you meant. It's all good. It is different now though. I haven't been afraid to hit that reset button in life. Feels kinda like that.

Damn near impossible to get to know Ned and Dan while they were behind the wall of public figure persona. But when you're surrounded by literally thousands of talented creatives, writers, producers, and the rest of this long list, that public figure persona doesn't really place them on a pedestal, because we all have one.

for the first time in forever I feel like STEEM isn't totally dead... just 50% dead maybe, but that's a hell of a lot better than 0% life !!



Nedtoshi Dankamoto moved on, and look at how amazing Steem became 10 years later!

dude... this could be really good news

Don't be afraid. This won't hurt a bit.
Choke the Chicken.jpeg

have some faith (sic pay attention everyone).... funding secured for 1 year!

look at it this way, the chances of a bull market starting within the next 12 months is very very high...and the steemit dev and team got fuel for the ride to catch the next shuttle leaving the gravity well

Grok bro! Grok it...time to onboard a few more lost souls

Steem now has a very exciting ingredient to the mix. Speculative bull markets need something to speculate on and we are all now speculating on the future of steem again.

Far too soon for me to take a position on any of these recent developments. Just going with the flow. Whatever happens, happens. Sent my drawing and message like that just to be a freak, because I can, and thought it was humorous.

This is a major development, emotionally for the steemic inc and the communities

Either way we can be optimistic and we can be supportive and help do what we do best, be a community that supports Steem.

When someone buys say a rare and fast Ferrari even for super cheap, the first thing the owner does not do is to rip out it's V12 engine. The blockchain's autonomy, community, and it's dapp users is that
very engine, there is much much more to be optimistic than not.

I will say I'm happy to see you're enthusiastic about this. As for the business sense side of things I'll say this: I get it.

What do I want, personally? I want things to be fucking awesome around here. I've wanted that for coming on four years and nothing is going to change that. Anyone who is anyone around here put everything they had into this, plus more. Nobody with a brain works towards a goal of failing. The crypto kids of this world want everything to moon for them. As if money grows on trees and everything is supposed to be easy. Anyone who is anyone here knows you can't just howl at the moon all damn night and expect it to come. We're not trying to win the lottery here. Trying to build something great, and a solid future at the same time. Good luck trying to take that drive away from these folks who actually care. It's not going to happen.

To see awesome one must be awesome. Or at least not have to much suck. the trick around steem is there are many all around shouting “SUCK”. So if your not careful you fall down a suck hole and its harder to see or be the awesome from down there in the suck well.

Getting sucked into the suck well sucks.

Feel like all parties need a win-win, I really don't think it's anyone taking away what we all have put into Steem thus far.

If you think about it, with this acquisition, Tron can't succeed by diminishing Steem nor do I see Steem growing and winning back old users as well as new ones with awesome apps (openlink/openseed, smt, steemit 2.0, and tons of new functionality like embedded secure decentralized chat) without in same way returning the good creds back to Tron Foundation for being the single largest Steem investor and not just the owner of Steemit Inc.

Being in the alt coin family of crypto, we will likely rise both in value and in our support base when other useful crypto succeed as well. In some ways our success is build into each other's good news, only now Tron kindly loosely join to the hip with Steem (for now).

The steady rise of Steem's price as well as resistance to dropping further is a refection of not just demand but of optimism by a growing community of investors/hodlers/and supporters, even without mooning back to highs of $8+.

One thing I'm certain, on the 10 year anniversary of Steem, it will be either hardly any traffic left (failed experiment) or it will have a much much higher traffic and valuable content then it ever had (as its value reflects its community who have invested proof of brain, creativity, support, leadership, and not just financial resources).

My guess is that if you're here for the long term, then you won't have any issues witnessing the awesomeness come to pass (assuming one stay healthy to enjoy the seeds they have sowed as well as the intrinsic rewards of one's patience).

How long is the long term...
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?

It drives me crazy, and I like it.

La la la la, la la la la!

lol re-assuring yourself?

It looks like we weren't the only blindsided by the acquisition. You can tell @andrarchy was too...