The Master's wisdom # 4 - True Abundance is allowing energy to serve you

in steemit •  8 months ago

How many of you are on Steemit only for the money, thinking, hoping, that you will become rich from receiving author and curator rewards?

Money is wonderful! If one doesn't love money, money won't come to one. There are those who go and get the money and others, the masters, who allow the money to come to them.

If you enjoy to write posts, to express your creativity, to discuss with the community, and you are not whining or begging for upvotes (=attention, love), then you are masters. And money will come to you.

You see, being rich is not having a big bank account, yachts, and fancy houses. All these don't matter when you are in the master consciousness. You simply don't care, and exactly at that moment, it all comes to you.

Genuine and long-lasting wealth is about your relationship with energy, about whether or not you are in the consciousness of abundance:

You are in abundance when you allow energy to serve you


credit: pexels

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I’m here to enjoy reading people’s blogs such as yours. I’m definitely not that naive type who thinks Steem can make you rich. I mean common, can you get rich from any rewards? When my coment gets rewarded with $.1,1,2,5... I think wow, but in reality, that is what working person owning a small business, like me, makes in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. To me, it’s this feeling, that my comment was worth reward, was worth author’s replay just like yours.


Lovely 👍

Very True. I am working on this..... and enjoying my time here on Steemit sharing my artwork and thoughts about this wonderful Universe we live in.


Definitely enjoying. Since I have come across steemit Facebook has lost its charm or appeal.

great deserve upvote and resteem :)

In practical sense who doesn’t need money? It just that we never get satisfied to what we have since we are still the slaves of our twisted thinkings. Do whatever just to earn money without considering the value of our freedom, creativity and the person we are is a slavery. Once we became slaves of money, our eyes and ears cannot see and hear the desire of own being.
Nice insight 😊

Nice words...also one who yearns for money is going in the path of the unspritual pursuit and it's materialistic dogma.. One should crave for the spritual growth and the development of wisdom in oneself.. Money should have a secondary sequal


My advice my friend, is not to put money VS spirituality because you will then be in a conflict. Money is spirit and spirit is money.

You are so right, friend!
To be rich it is not just the money. It is the feeling of your creation.
If you are really giving a value from your creation, the money will come too.

It is impossible to escape the impression that people commonly use false standards of measurement — that they seek power, success and wealth for themselves and admire them in others, and that they underestimate what is of true value in life.


Indeed. But the world is changing and people will have to choose one way or the other.


Thank you so much for your wonderful post. I joined steemit not because of money. I have a job that I love that can support the needs of my family. I joined because I want to share my interests in a different level. I've never done blogging before and joining steemit is a major step for me. I believe that being in this community will help me to grow as a person, blogger and as a steemer.


I'm sure you will succeed. Thanks for the feedback and sharing 👍


Thank you so much, that means so much to me. Have a nice day! 😊

So true, I might be after money after all in order to help my family. But the feeling I get when I know I am earning from what I am enjoying to do is just so wonderful.

Some people write that part of his hobby, and partly because of money. Still a lot of people who because of money, they hope more want to get money, I hope people maen in steemit it is people who like to write in life he everyday do not solely expect money.

really that you say this tapih not I deny ya, our fortune for the giving of allah all because if we have his business must have given to all of us.

your advice is super helpfull.
i am always thinking like that....

wow I strongly agree with you post something it does not have to be there anymore it will still be to appreciate the ideas that exist in our minds and sharpen insight to become more able in expressing thoughts. sense of things to be pursued in this life because wealth is not guaranteed happiness. thanks for posting this very motive

Indeed. You are absolutely right, money sure is important but money is not everything.The greatest legacy one can pass on to people is not money or other material things accumulated in one's life, but rather a legacy of character and faith. And I see you a man of knowledge and wisdom.

"Money make the world go round" but who invented it? humans.
So everything is about people...this is why I agree with you ! said it right, write posts as per your own intrests and be the masters and let the money come to you, IMO steemit is one if the unique platform for writers,artists etc.. and at the same time you get rewards for your posts as per the quality, at the same time the competetion makes you more skilled as the time passes.. but you can't be a master all of sudden,it take sometime and a perfect mindset.

You Are Absolutely Right Sir But There Is Many We Should See Steem is The Best Platform Where We Can Show Our Writing Skills But We Need Some Money To Spend Our Life's Being A Steemian I Know How It feels By Making Good Relation With Other Steemers Help You To Earn And Get Appreciate from Them As Well I Hope You Understand Sir Thanks For Sharing @nomad-magus


Indeed. There is nothing wrong in making money on Steemit and I wish you to earn a lot of it!

I came for the money
And I stayed for the amazing social network
Money has been less think, the main thing is SP


... Steem value is expected to rise indeed in the mid/long term

Great motivated article @nomad-magus..
I think,
If we first change ourself then we can change world.

Do you like alan watts?


Each generation has their own speakers. Times change, consciousness changes, and insights that Watts expressed 40 years ago are not so relevant to our times. For example the law of attraction, which is nice, but too mind-oriented. In our current times there begins to take place a new type of relationship between us, humans, and energy. We are becoming the center, the focal point, to which everything comes. It's not that we need to think in a certain way to attract things we desire.
Thank you 👍


I have to disagree because I think most of his content is still relevant he may use an old style of writing which can put people off. His work on insecurities is amazing and as a society we are even more insecure today than 40 years ago.


Philosophy wise the truth is the same throughout the generations so yes, Watts was an amazing visionary.


To be honest I need to check out more modern philosophy

To become a master one has to be a slave for a time being and when he sorts the things out he becomes a master.

Perfect! Still hate it when I "chase" the money. Whew. Should learn to let go more.

You're right my friend.. being rich is a state of mind.. most rich people if they lost their fortune they can recover their wealth very quickly because of it's mindset.. it's like riding a bike, once you got it you'll never forget it.. ;)

I like it...