So many scammers so little time.

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I am a steemian since the last february , I met this platform when we were still few, indeed very few, I fondly remember the first post where I did not even know how to move and what to do, but I worked, wrote art lessons, concerts, my way and occasionally some recipes. I have grown little by little in this community, not yet as I wish, but I will work on it! I remember that the early times there were hardly any advertising and bots, I did not even know what the bots were, I confess that my opinions on them are still cloudy, I approve the bots that control the quality of the post by rewarding it, because it is right to reward that commits to write a lot and good and hard working to make a nice post with interesting and elaborate content, but I disapprove those who salt only because they pay, I admit they are for meritocracy, even if this is not very Italian, pay to go up more at the top it sounds very mafioso, but this is my personal opinion.

Because of the lack of time and the increase of people in the community I follow less the events of the platform, although I hope to actively participate as much as I can, but I see disturbing phenomena that displease me a lot. Not only the comments full of advertising that are extremely annoying and the "Follow me I follow you!" as if we were exchanging figures, false profiles, false accaunt, people who copy and episodes of plagiarism, all this disappointes me because I think that the platform is negatively affected.

And most of all I am afflicted by scammers that proliferate like cockroaches and clog our posts with their comments. I remember with nostalgia the times where they commented only serious and kind users and not these parasites.

I imagine that the phenomenon is so extensive as to be able to be fully controlled, this hurts me a lot because the scammers are annoying and ruin the community

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I feel you, I miss the time where writers wrote for passion not for profits, Medium are still mostly the best quality platform so far IMO. But sometimes steemit let me down when i saw those crappy post got so much attentions instead of writers who puts so much hard work on it.

I agree with what you said, I hate scammers too.

Steemit es por mucho la mejor plataforma que podemos conseguir en nuestro camino @noemilunastorta

Es duro luchar por hacerte una buena reputación a través de contenido de calidad y ver como otros pasan por encima solamente porque usan bots, mienta el trabajo y esfuerzo pasa al archivo de olvidados, te entiendo y comprendo.

I think that when a social media gains popularity its very dificult to stop scammers, but happily I think steemit its made to block and stop this scammers easily than standard social media