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RE: Apparent Post Value vs. Actual Post Value

in #steemit4 years ago

This post got me thinking. I currently always post with 100% of the rewards going to SP, because I want to build up SP and I don't anticipate cashing out any time soon. But is that really the best way to build up SP? If I check the market, I see that one Steem is currently going for about 0.84 SBD, so if I made a post that netted me 2 SP, it would not be as valuable as a post that netted me 1 SP and 1 SBD, because I could use that SBD to buy about 1.2 Steem, then power that up for a total of 2.2 SP.

Is my math off on this?


You can earn way more money keeping it at 50/50. If you want to save up Steem Power, just use the internal market to trade from SBD to Steem and then power up!

I've been doing a lot of that lately.

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