For the love of Christ, please stop centering the text in your posts.

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

(Photo of our lord and savior very clearly approving of left-justified text from Wikipedia)

Every once in a while, I come across a post where most or all of the text has been centered. And in this post, I'm imploring all who think it's a good idea to please, in the name of all that is holy, stop.

Left-aligned text has a huge advantage when it comes to reading; when you reach the end of a line, you know exactly where the next line will begin. There's very little conscious or even subconscious thought required to continue on to the next line. For centered text, this is not the case; the eye and brain have to do a bit of work to determine where the next line begins, and may miss it entirely if the next line contains very few words and therefore the left edge of it is very far to the right. Centered text takes a lot more time and effort to read. So, in the name of of the Virgin Mary and all of the angels, please don't do that.

Open up any book, magazine, news website article, newspaper, or any other well-made long-form reading material you have nearby. Did its graphic designers center the text? Perhaps they centered the headlines or chapter names or that sort of thing; short bits of text. But the actual body text will have nice, beautiful, straight left margins, because it's well known in the print and design industry that left-aligned text is the easiest to read. Why the ever-loving Christ do you think you know better than them?

Perhaps you think it makes your post stand out. And it does, but not in a good way. If I see a long blob of centered text, I close the post immediately without bothering to read it. There's a very good chance that your insights really aren't so jaw-droppingly amazing that it will be worth the time and effort to scrobble my eyes along your jagged margins, especially when there are plenty of great writers on here not intentionally making their posts more difficult to read. And if I don't read your post, I don't engage; I don't upvote, I don't comment, I don't resteem. And I can't be the only one.

So please, for fuck's sake, stop centering the text in your posts.


So, how do you feel about centered text in posts? You didn’t really make it clear.

Lol. Scrobble...? Is that a new word?

Hmm. I thought it meant "to move something back and forth" and was going to post a link to a dictionary definition to this effect, but it turns out I was wrong and it doesn't mean that at all. Oops.

Whoa! It's actually a word... I think I like your idea of what it means much better.

Hi, I agree. All in excess in harmful, thanks for helping us with your article. I noticed, but you dared to advise us.

¿Porque son repuestas de español en mi post? 🤔 Estudian el español en mi esquela secondaria, pero no puedo bueno reconocerlo.

Good morning @nocturnal ... I trust the google translator. I do not speak much English. But thanks for remembering this suggestion from Steemit.

When I see these types of articles that help me to make my publications more receptive. I pass by, and I do not even see them.

What are your opinions on right-aligned text? I'm a huge fan.

If you're writing in Hebrew or Arabic, go for it.

Perhaps you think it makes your post stand out. And it does

There is no such thing as bad publicity

Ha a brilliant rant and one desperately needed. I think centering for poetry is great as it forces you to stay on the line and it's intent for a bit longer as your eyes search for the next. I would like to add a plea for folks to always center their images though... my God, if the image doesn't fill the width, the left margin (or right), placement is disturbing.

Well, poetry being poetry, it can break the rules a bit. Very long poems will still have the same issues, though.

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