Lets GIVE Some Steem for Free!

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I decided i will make another FREE STEEM GIVEAWAY!

You have time today to RESTEEM, UPVOTE and COMMENT this POST.
Dont forget to do all THREE things.
It cost u nothing but whoever will do this it goes to the list for a FREE STEEM.

This time I am giving away 2 STEEM! Yes you read it right. It it not 2 SBD but 2 STEEM.

So who doesn't want it? :) I can keep it ofcourse.

Since my masternodes from different coins are giving me coins I am giving these coins to Steem network
and supporting you all and the @steemit network and yes @welovesteemit

Still waiting @jerrybanfield to support. Thank you @jerrybanfield

So lets start. You have time when this is posted and 24 hours from then. (13.8.2017 | 20:32 GMT +1)


If you want FREE STEEM more often follow me - @nixthehammer




Where is the money?

Just powered up this week. Thanks for the xtra boost!

Did you say 2 std? lol

thanks in advance!

Givers never lack


2 steem! cool done with all that!

upvote, comment and reesteem! Thanks.

Just done that :)

Nice idea! upvoted, resteem, and followed!

Resteemed, Upvoted, Commented. Gimme some steem.
Thank you very much.

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for this opportunity! I upvoted, resteemed and here's my comment.

Thanks again @nixthehammer! I now follow you and hope you do the same. Cheers!

jejeje todo eso? Ojala me lo gane xD.

Okay, i'm here.. I have completed all the tasks

wonderful, reteemed, upvoted. have a great weekend!

Upvoting, following, resteeming and commenting!

Thanks so much! 🙂

Upvoted, re$teemed & following! Thanks for the opportuity.

I love free steem,followed,upvoted and resteemed

nice! I needed to release so STEEM!

Okay, I've done all three. I'll transfer one of them to my wife, who just signed up. :)

the struggle is real

Awesome thank you @nixthemmer
We are so bless to witness history with Steemit and Crytocurrencies.
Following you thanks in advance for following me back

upvote, comment and resteem! Thanks.

I would love to get 2 STEEM. I upvoted and resteemed, and this is my comment.

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Thanks in advance

I'll try anything once!! consider it done! Vote, commented resteeming...

What a generous offer made by you :D Here are required 3X to get mentioned free steem. All the best x

STEEMIT! for the win!

All done. Resteem & upvote thanks

This post has received a 100% upvote and a resteem from @melowd thanks to: @! For more information about the service, click here!

Nice offer of goodwill. May you find the time to support these initiatives in the future as per my first post here:


People like you here deserve good news, be encouraged as you encourage me.........

Upvotef and resteem

Awesome iniciative, all 3 things done! :)

Thank you for your support!

Done! Thanks so much!

Thank You :)

Here you go buddy..
Did all the three ...

show me the money.

upvoted, resteemed and here's my comment, and a big thank you :)

I love to see people giving back . Hopefully ill get there someday as well :)

resteemed and upvoted

Upvoted, followed and resteemed. Id like to try this out. With steem you can power up to get steem power somehow? Lets do this. Thanks

thanks for share .... i upvote you and comment you also

Upvoted and resteemed!😊

This happen not very often :)great day!!!

Well, I love freebies!! 😀


Thanks for supporting the community.

Show me the steem

Your very generous !! Up-voted, resteemed and now following you.

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Your name is cool!

upvote. comment. resteem. Good lucky everyone.

Upvoting, following, resteeming and commenting

thanks @nixthehammer looking forward to reading your content

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thanks a lot, greetings from germany

Great post

Diggin it man, keep up the good works! (All steps now complete)

2 steem! Nice!
I did something similar earlier, but people had to write an entire post on Solutions to Global Problems. It is over now, but here was the original i did Plus the winner:
nice one @nixthehammer ! this is sooooo much easier!

Hey, I did all (here is the comment ;))
Thanks the opportunity :D
And good luck everyone ;)

A very big help. Thanks!

Superb generosity count me in thank you so much.


Thanks! As a newbie, I appreciate these opportunities to get a little bankroll going!

Thank you four imformation ...

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Yay vote 100 =D

Interesting post. Following and upvoted. :)

Thanks for sharing the the power or opportunity to act. Good on you mate @nixthehammer. This post received 100% Upvote from @inzeen and Resteemed

Done. Thank u

Is a reply the same as a comment?

Thanks for the gesture!

I think i figured it out. We will see. Thanks.

So generous. Nice to see!

Two hours to go :)

Awesome offer @nixthehammer.. 😊😊
So, Followed, Upvoted and Resteemed..
Hope to win 2 STEEM.. 😍😍

Thank you for the rewarding game!
Upvoted and followed and resteem ..

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I hope i get 2 steems soon