how to withdraw Steem from bittrex to steemit wallet- noob friendly

in steemit •  2 years ago

How to withdraw Steem from bittrex to wallet

 on bittrex go to Wallet

enter the Information from your steemit account

memo,  registered account and quantity you want to withdraw

Memo (you find in your Steemit Wallet under Permission) = public memo

registered account name  = your steemit account name (for example: nioctib)

quantity= amount you want to withdraw

press withdraw and confirm the confirmation email you received from bittrex

Steem should arrive in your steemit wallet after approximatly 3 min

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A very clear guide to withdraw steem. Your post will help number of people who have the question ' how to withdraw my steem in steemit account?'

thank you!

After following the other one, I did find this one better! ++
First post for me on the platform!

With different wallet address, I was wondering which address was right, seems the public address is the correct address. Yes helpful to me

Realy helpful, thanks!

We need more posts like this, especially as STEEMIT grows to a wider audience. Cheers.

When you withdraw, the Memo field is optional and you can put there some public note for the transaction.
I mean it is not needed to use the Memo key from your Permission section.

Thanks dude, easier than I thought like most of the time. Thanks for the help 👊🏼

Did you withdraw from Steem?


no i withdrew steem from bittrex to my steemit wallet here

Thank you for your post)

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Very helpful infos thanks mate !
Im quite struggling to know how to withdraw :p

Worked great! Thanks for your helpful post!

Thanks for these helpful instructins

On the new interface, there is only "Address" left an no Memo.
What should I do?

Hi All!
This has now changed in the new Bittrex interface. In order to make a withdrawal, you must put your Steem username in the Address field, and your memo in the Tag field (see below).