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RE: Essential Life Skills - Learning to Prioritize!

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Hi @fraenk I noticed that you have been upvoting some of my dust comment-rewards and I appreciate that but I wanted to bring some curation farming to your attention. I noticed that many of my comments are suddenly being upvoted 3.98% by the account @largeadultson, which of course gives a $0.000 reward and this is not an account that posts or comments on anything so the only conclusion I can come to is that it is a micro-reward curation farming account. Do yourself a favour and disallow dust upvotes made by this account so that the bunny doesn't waste resources on scammers


ugh... another one of those... I've heard them called "curation snipers" before.

I have a few of these accounts blacklisted already, thanks a lot for bringing it to my attention!

Interesting: here's one cheeky enough to upvote my reply here although it's obviously automated @motherboy
Some others that I have spotted:
If you want a list of other microreward-farming botted accounts I see around my posts, I can supply it. The motherboy account is one of them and now I see that it is into curation sniping, too.
Edit: I called you @largeadultson?

wow... looks like the whole of mom's basement is after you :P

I wasn't aware of these three either, added them to the ignore-list right away.

I looked into their account activity on steemd just now and they seem to target a variety of user's on the bunny's watchlist... I'm asking myself now if they are actually bunny-hunting already?!

P.S.: can I call you, too @largeadultson?!

P.P.S.: and then I realized I was giving them their curation deal by upvoting your replies... ugh... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Seriously weird batch of usernames! Yeah, I hoped that you would catch it before upvoting. Feel free to unvote but I also put something about it in #steemitabuse in the hope that there's more to be done about this

No way, my vote was meant to appreciate your mindfulness about these votes wasting the bunny's power... I'm not going to refrain from that just because mom's basement is getting some curation for it, too ;)

That's actually the only thing that annoys me about these "snipers". I don't think they do much damage to the steem-ecosystem compared to any other means of farming, but they do sort of spoil their "crops" by disincentivizing the upvoting of sniped comments?!

Ah well, I'll just have to keep blacklisting them for the bunny but I'll try to avoid paying much attention to them personally. Their silly scheme shouldn't be allowed to interfere with real interactions.

That's nice of you!

Curation snipers is a pretty good description. I'm glad you do have a blacklist and I'll let you know if I find any others

I noticed that many of my comments are suddenly being upvoted 3.98% by the account @largeadultson

it has just started with me - how do I screw him?

You can't, it's part of a spam/ microrewards farming network. @fraenck has blacklisted it from dustbunny, make sure you report these accounts at dustsweeper or any other similar services you know of so that they can be blacklisted

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