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the cracks let in the light - (Expansion sculpture by Paige Bradley)

As someone invested in participating and building transparent, ownership free community from the ground up (as participant not developer) I felt shocked and saddened by the departure of "our" CTO @Dan, because my impression is that he is a visionary with remarkable integrity. His leaving therefore undermines my trust in the platform he is largely responsible for as cofounder. Nevertheless - Dan is not the only man running this ship and I chose to give the benefit of any doubt to it's current trajectory and developing team ( @ned, @sneak, et al) regardless.

What's kind of interesting about this innovative experiment in peer to peer community and ownership (albeit, according to Orwell, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others" ) is that with no apparent centre of responsibility, a fish like me has to swim around to figure out what's going on, assume my own responsibility to evaluate and decide whether to stay invested in this pond or meander on. A better, clearer and more direct form of communication would be nice, but I wonder if that is contrary to the nature of the amorphous beast I am assuming to be a part of?

Nevertheless, after reading through the conversation following @Ned's post my-announcement-march-15-2017 I find the optimism of the more informed participants to be encouraging and the disappointment and pessimism of the disgruntled naysayers less persuasive.

I earnestly hope that this experiment and conversation - including that around Dan's deleted post (FFS!) here will steem on, continue to evolve and succeed, because I believe it is a seed of immense potential (and I ain't talking $$$) and I will of course stick around to see the proof of the pudding, hoping this is not so much about divergent opinions, as communication, exchange, shedding of ideas in order to create a more robust system.

In Capra's words

"Because networks of communication may generate feedback loops, they may acquire the ability to regulate themselves. For example, a community that maintains an active network of communication will learn from its mistakes, because the consequences of a mistake will spread through the network and return to the source along feedback loops. Thus the community can correct its mistakes, regulate itself,and organize itself. Indeed, self-organization has emerged as perhaps 'the' central concept in the systems view of life, and like the concepts of feedback and self-regulation, it is linked closely to networks. The pattern of life, we might say, is a network pattern capable of self-organization. This is a simple definition, yet it is based on recent discoveries at the very forefront of science."

  • Fritjof Capra - The Web of Life
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