Steemit Saturday | Hes Doing Heroin | Roast Chicken Madness

in steemit •  2 years ago

Whats happening steemians. Im slowly but surely getting back into my vlogs and im realizing just how much I have missed posting on a regular basis. The thing about trying to post on a daily basis is that well, its damn hard. The upside is that its damn rewarding.  

I met up with @stephb to discuss our coming trip to steemit saturday in Johannesburg. Im from Cape Town so we will be flying up on the 8th of september to be in attendance on the 9th. I will be covering the event so that you guys can all virtually come along. 

Heres the vlog. Please subscribe to my youtube page and follow me on steem to catch all my latest content. 

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Hey bro, the heroine den is my room hahahaha



Love the smash and roll technique!!!


it works everytime!

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