Blog 3: Thoughts and my nursing beliefs, football photos update!

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In my opinion, values/beliefs are what makes a person and to change or challenge them would have a great impact on how that person will live their life moving forward. As a nurse, truer words have never been spoken.
Part of the job is giving medications and I do perform that alot at work, but at the same time I do believe that people should rely less on medications and more on alternative therapies not involving drugs. We are a trauma unit so we get many patients who are involved in accidents and that also includes suicide attempts.
I had one such patient last night with suicidal ideation (SI). They normally get 1:1 sitters to watch them 24/7 while hospitalized. Now this patient I had from last night called me to the room and asked if his son could bring his guitar so he could play it and sing to help him relax. Per policy, we normally limit the items SI patients can have just because you can never be too careful.
Me, being the good nurse that I am asked my charge if he could do that, and unfortunately, policy didn't allot him to have the guitar.
He ended up getting more agitated, and we ended up having to give him drugs to calm him down. Now tell me that's not stupid because it is. He had someone that was watching him 24/7 in the room, he could've had that guitar and he would've been more calm. The compromise would be that he could play it, but it can't stay in the room with him, and somebody had to be watching him the whole time (I thought that would have been a good compromise). He didn't need those drugs in the first place. I felt frustrated and angry at myself for doing this, but I could've lost my job if I didn't.
I myself am starting to rely on sleeping pills just so I can sleep and I hate it, but that's sometimes necessary for working nights.
The good news is that tonight will be my last night on this unit and then I'll be moving on to another unit with normal day hours. It will be a good change and I can't wait!

*I also just got done editing some football photos (trying out some sports photography!) so I should be posting more samples soon. It was a pretty fun and good experience. A good hobby that makes me forget all the stress at work.


Anyway, time for sleep and then tonight will be my last shift at this floor. Can't wait for the new adventures ahead!

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I love adventures in food, so we will be good friends, and your story was very well written, so now following you and upvoted you


thanks! followed you back my friend!