Please educate me, steemit newbie

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Hi Steemian, I've been wondering, why do my upvote value went lower than previously? Went I just started steemit, one upvote is equivalent to $0.02 and last week, when my post got upvoted I would have at least got $0.01 per upvote. Since this week, it seems like every 2 upvote is $0.01. Is this how it works or am I missing something?


my votes are totally worthless.

do you know since when?

did you encounter the same as well?

Hi Nicky
Hope below helps. Got it from the guidelines
This is like an "energy bar" in a computer game that gets depleted every time you vote. You start off with 100% and then every time you vote your power and hence the value of your vote goes down. This makes the value of the payout from your vote go down. Think of it as a control measure to stop you up-voting everything you see. Currently the only way I know of seeing voting power on the desktop is to use Steemd ( I believe the mobile client (eSteem) does show it though.

Ok, kind of got it now, but how do we gain back the voting power?

Hi Nicky
This is what I have researched from the FAQ section.

How do I get more STEEM Power?
With STEEM tokens in your wallet, click "Power Up" to turn them into STEEM Power. If you have Steem Dollars, you can convert them to STEEM from your wallet, and then power up the STEEM.

If you don’t already have STEEM or Steem Dollars in your wallet, you can purchase them using bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), or BitShares (BTS) tokens. You may purchase BTC on various exchanges, such as or

To buy:

Click "Buy Steem" from the main menu in the top right corner of, or from your wallet.
Select the currency to deposit, and enter the amount of that currency you wish to use.
Enter your Steemit account name (without the @) for "Your receive address".
Click the "Get Deposit Address" button.
Send the currency to the provided address.
STEEM purchases made via are facilitated by BlockTrades.

Thanks @flyingtoad, appreciate them :)