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It may look not sounding but I beg you go through in to details.
In most cases our emotional state leads us to more things than we might even like at that particular time, in most cases people get work done when their happy and motivated than when there are bored, lazy or even depressed. At times if we’re confident and feel more secure we can come up with better ideas than when we’re controlled by stress.

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I think pretending that we already feel the way we want to feel is one the best ways to change our emotional state. So if sometimes you’re feeling somehow bored, simply pretend that you are incredibly driven and really motivated to get going. If sometimes you feel unhappy, then its better you just pretend you’re happy and it will start to change. I have ever tried all this and it’s tremendously working for me.

For you to benefit from this technique of pretending, you have to be willing to feel a little bit silly at the first place. In other words smiling and laughing when we feel nervous often may look awkward at first. However, if you can stick with it, in just a short time your emotions will adjust to the physiology you of your display.

At times, the technique of pretending can be extended to more than just emotional control. This implies that if you’ve been having trouble motivating yourself to start doing work on a task, simply start doing it.
When we realize that our internal emotions, motivation, courage, happiness, are completely under our control is the start of achieving that control.
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In life as long as you believe that something good must happen in order for you to start feeling happy then it might be impossible for you to change the state. So, at times if you have trouble controlling a particular emotion, then it’s a good advice to start by changing your physiology.
In some cases if you want to be happy it’s advisable you start smiling and laughing. So after you’ve changed your body physiology, then start changing your actions immediately.
Secondly, if you want to feel motivated, then it’s better to start working on your goal immediately. By changing your actions you can create a longer lasting emotional change. The only key for you to know is whether you’re at the correct balance of positivity to solve your problem is if you are taking effective action to solve it.

In my conclusion we should agree that controlling our emotions sometimes is a difficult process. Therefore pretending should be the first in our physiology then in our actions, we can gain a lot more of that control. That’s why I encourage you steemit member not to give up whatever the situation maybe.

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