Welcome to STEEMIT... A house of SHit PoSt where only shitHEADS are CROWNED with gLoRy

in steemit •  8 months ago
A dumpyard for shitposts ... Witnessed by shitheads.

Eat this Shit, said the WhAle
And the minnows complimenting how DELICIOUS it tastes
Its just how we living NOW


YOU have been deceived...

So you've been told about steemit and how folks makes 100 -1000$ a post and hurriedly you are running down and cant wait to get your account verified....
With excitement and shivering thrills..

You say in your heart...

"finally i found my way out"
Days later account gets Verified and YESSS!!!
time to start making some cool cash

First month you post every single day but no value returned $0.00 on your post and now you begin wondering what could be wrong..

Second month.. slowly reducing your activity cause there's no value for effort and Alas the third month.. you run along like every other folk and join the gang "its a fake and useless platform" or probably join the hungry minnows and lick the asses of the whales for SURVIVAL

Its how we living now...

Take a break.
Sit down, Relax and Look above the Mirage of display you see on the Front Page(trending)..
Papa always told me theres more to the news than whats been said...

I guess papa was always right...

Welcome to steemit

A place where the brains lies at the bottom while the shitheads are crowned with glory

Welcome to steemit

Where the minnows are scared to flag shit posts for fear of being bullied

Welcome to steemit

Where two words and a picture gets to the TRENDING PAGE with hundreds of upvotes while the brainer who works hard to put his works together only gets a notification from @steemitboard reminding him the number of efforts which has been buried..

Welcome to steemit

A decentralized system, publicizing the need to kill the middlemen and unwanted ads whereas the top Witnesses are all sucking the users off their money for upvotes just to feel appreciated.
Are we killing the middlemen or we just redefining the middle witnesses...???

Welcome to steemit

Where users need to pay to be heard, and those who preaching the gospel of change are selfishly upvoting themselves and selling out their votes...
Is this supposed to be a platform to enrich writers and original works or a pyramid scheme where only those at the top keep sucking the life out of those at the bottom..??

Welcome to steemit

A dumpyard for the whales whose butts are being licked by the hungry minnows just for a cent of an upvote.
Are you guys really adding value or just rebranding slavery....??

Welcome to steemit

Voiceless are the masses and despised are the goodhearted, Unheard are the minnows and Glorified are the Shit-holders

And just before the smoke puffs out of your red face... and you go screaming HELL NO!!! You are Wrong and blah blah blah!!!
This is just for entertainment purpose and a thought been written out....


Dont get discouraged, this is still one of the greatest platform ever and YES, you can still make a few cents to pay your dues @ MCdonalds and KFC...

advice for the newbies....

Dont be moved by the 1000s or 100s of dollars you see trending. i bet you if you do your homework you find they barely get up to 10$ real reward, focus more and put in mind on adding value and if you can make up to 1$ in a post its great already and if possibly 10$ thats awesome...

An author i admire and take as a mentor on the platform is @nonameslefttouse..
He's never scared to flag and point out thrash
He never uses bidbots
Hes works are completely original and of high quality
and every post he makes get the true value it deserves without reaping the reward pool.
And NO! he doesnt make a thousand on a post or hundreds but he earns just rewards which overtime has surpassed those who we see trending.
Thats my motivation and thats how steemit rewards and trending post should really looks like when the shitheads get ditched out....

I do hope to be like him someday....

Keep these facts behind your every thought... we still have a long way to go, the best thing you can do for yourself and the platform is to help clean up the mess and dont be a part of it......
klaus steem in.png
Nicholas Ilechie

dont judge me judge the platform
klaus steem in.png
PS: this aint no introductory post and the "introduceyourself" tag was only used to reach out to new steemians
klaus steem in.png

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welcome to steem it and. fun!



Hell yeah am having one hell of a fun ride.....

I bet you never read this SHIT....
Its no surprise....
if you had dropped this selfvoted comments $$$ on my post it would have been much appreciated....

All hail the King whose 6 word comment worth more than my entire post and art..

Hurray Hurray....

Its how we living now


I just started in steemit but I think steemit isn't about the finish goal it's about the journey and having fun XD


yeah mate..
ITs so much fun down here.... sure you would also enjoy your journey...
Wish you the best mate...

Welcome to Steem Community @nicholasilechie! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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if you had dropped this selfvoted comments $$$ on my post it would have been much appreciated..

Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)


No doubts i definitely will

Where votes are bought, and real content is almost never seen.
I see people saying "check out Steemit, no censorship, earn crypto" on other sites, and lately I think it's sad. They are deceiving newbies into joining a site that is dying.
I wish I hadn't started here, but now it's too late, and there isn't a good alternative. I burned my bridges with FB and YT.
This really sucks. I bet there are others in the same boat. :(


i feel your pains too brah.....
FB been a bygone for me and am like getting addicted to this steemkush
Hope it changes soon...
What pains me most is the multitude who rush-in in quest for survival and earnings only to get disappointed after few weeks... if only they knew the real deal before bashing in.. then i guess it might have been a different picture entirely..
I personally was dragged in here watching a video by jerry banfield- whose currently on my ban field and also seeing a post by @chbartist where they earned over 1000$ on a post,


i thought it would be that easy seeing their article content earn so much and felt i could do better....

but damn.

i should have listened to mama
cause papa was always right....

i havent really spent up to 6months here but glad i got to know the truth early enough and meeting someone like @nonameslefttouse was quite a big help cause he opened my eyes to how the reward pool ought to be seen and how true steemit should look like..

Though it feels as though only those who started the journey at its infancy back in the year 2016 are the only ones who are making the real deal here but i think that still could be changed...

"i'm no saint either, but its how we living now"

Hope it all changes soon
i really do

Steemit - a house of paid upvotes where low quality posts randomly get hundreds of dollars in reward


its how we living now...

I’ve often wanted to say much of what you did but out of fear of getting flagged for simply bashing elements of behavior here on steemit I’ve been silent. I’ve been on for a couple months ahd to me it does seem like shit posts and bot promo nonsense. I’ve been motivated by a few to stay but I honestly don’t speak my mind sometimes outta fear for being downvoted by a whale. Your post explains exactly how I’ve been feeling!


someone just gotta speak up....
There's no point been scared of anyone or anything..

Fuck those bullies and flag the fucking thrash
The worst part is they own most of the bots

Imagine someone who owns a bot which is supposed to flag thrash post thrash himself... and selfvotes his nonsense...
Too many nonsense we see here on this shitland..

Hope it gets better soon....

Fuck the masturbatory bid bots. You can’t walk down the street without dodging phone zombies. Steemits bot worship BS is just another level of separation from human to human interaction. Not sure contributing to this trend is good for humanity.


its how we living now

Hope it all gets better soon


The good news is “better” is subjective & it’s easier to change one’s own perspective than the direction of culture. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a growing division between those who want to merge with technology & those who want to get back to people & earth.


hahhaha i guess theres always two sides to a coin....
Either time will tell which triumphs
Just the same way so many shitcoins are being dumped in 2018... i hope some shit things here on steemit get dumped too

When words and deeds don't match.. ugh i see bot upvotes here 😎


I am a newbie and I see a lot of complains. Well it seems you are right. But it is worth trying and seeing how it works at the end of the day.
P.s: I liked the language :))


cheers mate..
i wish you the best....


yeah mate.... you damn right... and like i said

dont judge me, judge the platform...

cause its how we living now......


that triggered an old song to memory by queens "If You Can't Beat Them"

Keep your fingers off my money
Don't try and pull me down
You're takin' me out to wine and dine me
Tryin' to wind me 'round and around
Invite me to your little contract Ha! Ha!
Rumor has it that you could play dirty
I'll tell you what I'll do about that
I'm playing at the wrong game yeah!
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em
You'd better do it
'Cause it makes you feel good......


Lol i love the queens..

Hehehe this is brutally honest and perhaps very needed. I think every newbie aught to read this article

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thanks mate
i really hope they do..

Love the post, I knew that at the end there will be some words of encouragement, somehow I felt it. So we must be on the same wavelength :)
I've been a member since Jan., but just started posting actively, and yes, so far very poor audience numbers, but so what. I'll keep posting, what in my opinion, is quality material and hopefully people will notice And even if not, I guess that's the nature of the beast. And oh, yeah, I'm not afraid of flagging crap, even the whale crap. Although I've heard that if my rep is lower then the poster then my flagging doesn't count, so that's little bit discouraging, but still, I flag 'em. It's like I always say, "I don't care that he/she is rich or important, he/she is still an idiot":)


Hell yeah mate!

Fitting a mad man in a tuscedo doesnt make him any more sane..

He's still a mad man

Yeah reputation sucks and pretty annoying..
Still we keep hitting it!
Let them know their thrash stinks

@nicholasilechie Basically, i never comment in any of post but after reading this little demoralised. also the best post I have ever read on steemit.


ah ha....

best post I have ever read on steemit.

Her Majesty...

its an honor to have been of service to you..

I am here from facebook because Alex Jones was smashed by the tech giants. We need to protect free speech! Hope Steemit works for me.


Well i believe in free speech but Alex jones sometimes abuses free speech in terms of hate speech..
i guess, steemit might be opened for all and hope it works for you too...
cheers and welcome

@nicholasilechie the best post I have ever read on steemit it is just voice of my heart u sketched a perfect picture


yeah right .... :-)

all i ever wanted was to be an artist

guess i finally made momma proud...

Thank your god man u got 34.16 SBD @nicholasilechie


Wont take the credits mate..
it barely worth over 5$

remember dad was right theres more to the news than whats been said

Hahahaha.. There's more that meets the eyes.. It took me a year to find out about what daddy said


Mum always gave the secret but we never listened....

best post evah (for now). same think happen in bitcointalk when i didn't get any single merit for my precious posts. nevermind


too bad...

please tell me you wont leave...
cause am voting you for the next steemit WITNESS


No mate!
You are the great ONE
cheers and thanks for stopping by to read my shit
Hope to see you some other time

This is definitely an interesting and somewhat useful post in my opinion. I love steemit and the idea of steemit but I see it’s problems as well. The problem with the whales and the posts payout and upvotes/downvotes is a real problem that even a newbie like myself can identify. I would love for steemit to come up with a way to incentivize whales to upvote worthy content and a way to decentivize (is that even a word or did I just make it up) 😅 whales from only up voting each other contents. There are various groups such as @curie and @minnowsupport that help build up minnows and they do an amazing job at it. This effort is fantastic but it still does not address the whale feeds whale issue. Now, in regards to several of your negative comments you made at first, I do not agree with you on that, I find them entertaining but somewhat wrong. There are plenty of people here that are just happy to share their quality content and steemit has been great towards them. Steemit is far from perfect, but I truly hope that the developers work out the kinks and figure out how to make this medium a bit more fair for everyone. I give you credit for speaking out and sharing your concerns, but next time perhaps you could share your opinion and ideas in a more positive way. ☺️❤️




It sure sounds much better and Now been added to my dictionary as the opp of "incentivize" lol...

There are plenty of people here that are just happy to share their quality content and steemit has been great towards them....

You talking about the 2% or 70%

statistics and research shows 70% of steemians are here for the reward, i mean thats the whole publicity campaign portrayed out by the steemit community itself and when this belief system isnt as what been portrayed, the poor masses who hurriedly joined for a means of earning get stormed hard with reality and end up dissapointed and frustrated...
I Dont mean to be negative and have said alot of positive remark of steemit in my earlier post...


theres no point sugar coating the hard truth
Its much better new and intermediate steemians know what they up against than believing a false lie...


Hello Nicholas, you see that’s the problem I’m having with the way you express yourself. I misspelled a word, and I don’t believe that you really Had to be a smart arse about it. English is not my first language, misspellings happen here and there. I am not pointing out the dozens of grammar errors on your posts am I? That’s not the point of the conversation. It’s completely unnecessary unless your goal is to try and bully me for having an opinion. I was trying to share my opinion and perhaps point out that there are better ways of getting your point across and well, your response was less than cordial. No problem, I know where my time is being wasted. Good luck with your posts! My interest in this thread and the post itself is over. Thank you!




Guess my humor gone bad.....

decentivize (is that even a word or did I just make it up) 😅

I honestly thought you were just being humorous and i thought of complimenting the humor...
I'm so sorry if you took it the wrong way,
English aint my mothers tongue and i aint even perfect with it either....
I flaw nearly everytime i write

but honestly this wasnt a form of mockery....

It sure sounds much better and Now been added to my dictionary as the opp of "incentivize" lol...

That clearly wasn't a form of mockery, i think you being too serious reading this shit
Take a break
deep breathe
Relax and reread the comment..
You should see it in a different view

once again am so sorry if it hurts your feelings, please dont take it personal...
if mama gets to find out, she may not give me gritz for breakfast


My apologies for reading into it a bit much. I still hope you don’t get grits for breakfast though (sorry, not sorry) 😆🏳️


too late....

mama found out...

but good thing papa already made it :-)

Painful truth. You got to pay to play here to be heard. I still love this platform though.


yeah man
its the hard knock life of steemians....
Still one of the best utilization of blockchain though...


It’s competitive and creative.

Well said. I've been here since Jan 2018 and I had hoped it would be more like Medium where you at least feel like you are earning a little cash because of the quality of your writing. I've gained a lot of followers here, but my upvotes never go over 5. I hate the idea of bribing someone just to get upvotes. I rarely post stuff on Medium anymore.


It takes eight months to beget a child i think so you are fully ripe in the platform..
welcome to reality mate...
I hope it doesn't stay this way though....


I'm happy with the number of followers I've gained though. 650 in six months isn't to bad for not really working at it. I hope it changes as well, but if not there's always Medium instead.


true mate and thats great....

I'm only a baby still trying to suck momma's breast..

Hope my fanbase grows soon..

I love the platform and really hope things change...

Thank you for sharing this, I am new to steemit and I am determined to learn a lot of things about this network!

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i wish you all the best mate...
you could check on my previous articles might find them helpful


sure, I'll do. thanks

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Hi I am new to platform, so I am interested to read all views ! Thanks for your take on it.


cheers mate, i wish you the best and hope you enjoy your stay here on steemit

Nicely done dude i like your article is totaly true, but how i join gang i dont have steem coin or not steem power.


oops man
you've gotta earn it
Would take you a while to make some pretty decent reward
But just keep doing your best in writing quality stuff
and flag a shitpost when you see one

I can relate to the situation. No likes, no comments. I thought it was because my posts are focused on punk rock/hardcore culture and this only appeals to a certain few. Most people find it abrasive and hate it. I'm used to that. Either way i'm still gonna write about what i enjoy and really, I don't give a fuck if you like it or not.


NO mate, its just the life we living now on steemit, wish we could take time backwards and re structure the system
Seriously hope it all changes soon...

Resteemed... Many need to hear this truth finally told...


thanks mate....

I am a newbie and I see a lot of complains. Well it seems you are right. But it is worth trying and seeing how it works at the end of the day.
P.s: I liked the language :))


sure mate..
I wish you all the best of luck

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Guy man, seriously if 2 say u dey live for Portharcourt, I for buy u Heineken... You too much for this post..


lol mate, Pitakwa my homebase ooh but for now man they try hutsle for uptown....


No shaking brother.. Sail on and always remain afloat in the rough sea of steemit..👍👍


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its my shit :->

what do you expect

its freaking awesome

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I just looked at the SteemPlus extension and it says you need Goolag Chrome. I don't have Goolag chrome and wouldn't go near it with a 40 foot pole.

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This is on the money my friend. Th ebiggest arse hats are the lot who moan and bitch about people who promote their content with their own money.. what they really want is for you to break your virginity to get their approval ;-) -- I say, homey don't play that!!!

I love to post with a tag recently #mobidbots and #nojerksgiven All my large votes are bought and paid for by myself!! I am a steemian virgin and proud.


i'm still trying to understand what you just said...


At a bus terminal - there's a shady character telling young folks to hitch a ride instead of pay for a bus ticket. I'm the young one buying his ticket because I know that nothing is free, and taking a ride for free means someone's hands will be in my pants pretty soon.

Give it time. I am confident the penny will drop some day.
#nojerksgiven #mobidbots


Lol i get you now.....

Still the characters telling you to hitch the ride already got themselves a FREE-RIDE cause they've got some big friends

It sure will i guess...

Getting too old for this shit already...

PS: no such thing as free ride!!! I think am going insane.....

Nice intro 🤣🤣🤣


hahahhahahaha cheers mate

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Thank you for sharing this, I am new to steemit and I am determined to learn a lot of things about this network!

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