Ford Fischer Discusses Dtube and Steemit on 105.5 FM Sputnik Radio

in steemit •  6 months ago

News2Share editor-in-chief Ford Fischer was on Sputnik Radio in Washington DC from 9am-10:20am this morning. The conversation was far-reaching, but at one point host Lee Stranahan brought up the issue of CIA/FBI infiltration of the news media. Ford points out that independent media, particularly those with raw footage and livestream, are the best medium to stay outside influence of intelligence agency actors. He particularly notes the value of Steemit and for journalism that is immune to censorship.

Editorial note from Ford: "For a full three and a half minutes, Washington DC'ers on their morning commute could hear about dtube/steemit in their car.

Did I explain it well? What could I have worded better? Let me know in the comments."

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