- Drag and Drop images into your SteemIt markdown!

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SteemStyle is a powerful markdown tool with power features designed for SteemIt bloggers.


I recently added the requested feature to drag-and-drop images into your blog post. Uploading images correctly was a lot of hassle for me when I first started, this tool solves the problem.

Along with this, provides a fully developed post previewer.

Features: Hover Over tool tips, Image drag-and-drop adding, Post Preview Modes, Image deletion, Improved Centering Toggle

Demo and Tutorial -


Great tool! You have really done a great job. I like the preview panel especially!
New features?

I like to work on a post over several days - how do I save my work?

Another question - why did you copy the DELETION Hash tag to insert the photo? I don’t understand that feature. Same for the security feature.

Also, an undo feature would be nice! Also Linebreak, Clickable images, Rotate and Flip photos, and Resize or Make photos smaller.

I want it to be super easy for newbies like me to make nice-looking posts!

This is extremely cool. Upvoted and resteemed, I trust I am not the only one who has been wishing for a drag and drop feature as relates to the images. Thanks a lot, I'll check that out in detail later today or by tomorrow.

Oooh boooy looks like i got a new Bookmark!
Thanks alot for bringing this to us :)

This will help me out a lot, thanks.

Voted/shared on SM/resteemed -- things like this are very welcome, TY very much!!

Thanks for this. I saved the link and am following!

Thanks! Saved this link for later reference. d=O)

This is great! I have been hoping for drag-and-drop, thank you.

Great info! Thanks.

I used to format my first steemit post today, It worked great! Thank-you, I read other posts and tried other editors... Your's is the best!!!

What a life saver! Thank you so much for this new tool. It helped me so much and I am truly grateful. Because of you I was able to do my first post just now.

Saving the link to try out later. Following!

Very great Work , thank you