- A quick tool for Markdown checks and modifications.

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Hey all,

This is a set of tools and checks I do that makes markdown formatting a little easier.


This is an alpha release, so feedback and feature requests are welcome.
Is there anything repetitive you have to do when posting? I'd be happy to extend the functions.

SteemStyle -

From humble beginnings

I want to put more and more into this tool to make it a full-blown SteemIt dedicated Markdown tool. I need feature requests to work out what to build next.

There are some obvious things like



looks awesome. Nice contribution to the Steemit community. I will be trying it out. Every little thing helps.

lol i need this or something like it : )

For me it's the direct image upload feature - thx ;-)

This is done now :) I'll hopefully post a demo in a few hours.

I am going to re-steem this I am sure there is a lot of people that are bagging their heads on their keyboards.

Thank you. I appreciate it :)

Nice contribution to the community! @steemboost just resteemed this!

Thank you steemboost.