SteemIt posting. How to use Advanced Formatting and Markdown together in one 30 second step.

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A guide to access advanced formatting while still using Markdown to write articles.

This example taken from my Mindfulness article

It takes a while to get the hang of the editor on SteemIt, recently I discovered a hidden feature that left or right aligns images, parallel to the main text. However, it is only available in the Raw HTML mode, but I, like many others, like the convenience and ease of drafting of Markdown.

Here's how to use advanced formatting while still drafting in Markdown

I wanted to try my hand at video editing for this guide, so please enjoy this 2.5 minute tutorial.

I discovered the advanced formatting features through this post by @steemitblog.

A note on embedding YouTube videos, the trick I prescribed doesn't work for this, to do this you need to click on Share.

I hope this helps you all. Steem on.

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Thank for the sharing of such advance techniques, for most of us anyway... It is greatly appreciated. Namaste :)

Thank you. Every bit of presentation helps :)

Valuable information, it just makes post look nicer.

Thanks for the post on formatting, it is very encouraging and very educative , Even for someone not very TECH savvy will great valuable insights on how to follow. Thanks for being very encouraging

My pleasure. It took me some testing to work out, so I'm happy to try to make the journey easier for others.

Interesting feature, thank you for sharing. It is unusual for Steemit and may attract more readers. This way it is easier to red.

Good info to know, thank you! I need all the tips I can get after only being here for a few days :)

Sharing in a comment. Thanks.