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Hey all,

As you know, it still takes a while for to approve new accounts these days. As long as a week from what I hear, and this can really discourage new people from signing up. Lately, @cryptohustlin and I have been creating accounts for new users.

Accounts I have created:

Be sure to welcome all these new users when they make their first post!

Creating an account for a new user is actually pretty easy:

Note: these instructions will create a delegated account. It will cost you a small amount of steem, and you will have to delegate a small portion of your own steem power to that account.

Step 1:

Go to

Step 2:

Type in the new user name in the "User Name" box. Make sure it isn't taken!

Step 3:

Save that password! It is the master key. You will need to give that to the new user, so they will be able to log in. For more information on keys, see my post:

Step 4:

Ok, in the "Steem" box you need to type in the account creation fee. You can look this up by going to and looking at "account_creation_fee". Currently this is set to 0.2 steem. You need to have this steem in your account! You will be spending your own steem to create it.

Step 5:

Ok here is the tricky part. In the "Vests" box you type in how much Steem Power that you will be delegating from your own account. But it has to be in Vests, not SP. Here is the formula:

5 * (1,000,000 / steem_per_mvests) * (account_creation_fee * 29.5)

I would round it up to the nearest whole number. The "steem_per_mvests" can also be found at

To make it easy for you, right now the delegation cost is about 30 sp, or about 62000 vests, so just type in 62000 (number subject to change in the future).

Step 6

Click continue, Steem connect will ask for your name and password. Use your active key! Not owner/master.

That's it, you are done

You can let your new user know their new password, and of course they should change their keys.

If they have to do account recovery, they will need to come to you! Not to Oh the responsibility!

If you don't want to do all that yourself, then I can create the account for you, announcing:

Neoxian's account creation service

For the price of 5 steem, I can create the account for you. I'll need to communicate the master key through steemit chat or Discord.

Happy account creation!


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You really put a lot of effort, energies and ideas in this project. Never thought about delegated account.
Good good!

Great service. I'll keep in mind!

great business again my friend. : )

Good information here and a helpful service. I hope they are working on fixing the delay sooner rather than later. Can you imagine waiting a week for FB!

Sounds like a pretty good idea actually. And it does sounds like a good business idea too. I'm not surprised something like this coming from you. - Thanks for sharing!

Interessing post , i promote Steemit in arabic channel and i have many users waiting for approuving their account can you help us to resolve this issue plz?


Yea I can create some accounts for you.

Jeez, how many buisness's am I going to force you to start? :P


This would the second one, but I don't think I'm going to get too many takers.

woooooooooooooow good service :D again and again :)