Aceh museum and tsunami incident in aceh city

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Hallo  steemit  Present  back with me @neobaarack, this time I want to post about my  journey with wife sata @rinamegawaty to one of my city that  menjenajahrah after stunami event 2006 ago. I and my wife visited one of mesium aceh for stunami work, surely the whole world know.
Some places I kunjingi following one of my visit mesium aceh stunami, and some photos that I take,  This is one  of the events that are very mengunacang world, how not almost all the  city and even all the whole building out in the stunami dasyatnya in  2006 ago, and a history so in the recall in the eyes of society... 

On this occasion I want to share the history of my country that happened in aceh city. The following photos I took myself. 

The name of the victim who died during the tsunami in 2006 ago.

And after that incident the people of the city built and re-made the city beautiful and life-building.... 

That is all from me . Hope you enjoy it.
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It makes me so sad to read this. I remember when it happened. I was in the french alps visit my college girlfriend's family for christmas. To her it was just another tragedy in a place she's barely heard of. But I spent several years living in Jakarta so to me it was my former home being destroyed and my old friends being hurt. They really have done great things in rebuilding after the tsunami.
I wish you a good day. Terima kasih and voted :)

Have you personally ever been involved in a Tsunami? That is one powerful force of nature. I've watched a few videos about Tsunamis and they look downright scary.