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Year 2018, Delhi.

Year 2015 , Lansdowne.

I wanted this video to be my first upload on Dtube. But some technical snag reared its ugly head. :(
So I share it via youtube. :)

This is a video of my big boy eternal puppy Wally meeting Tippy's baby Poochoo (his gennext brother), for the first time. :D

Wally just couldn't figure out how can someone be so tiny and not be scared of him. Wally was fully amused.
And Poochoo couldn't comprehend how someone so big can be so playfull !! :D :D

They were both fully intrigued and amused with each other. They discovered playmates in each other, despite their size difference :D :D.

Wally came with us to Delhi . But our doggy plate was so full that we couldn't bring Poochoo with us. We found a home for Poochoo. A doctor family adopted Poochoo and christened him Bobby !

But we like to remember the snowy fluffball as Poochoo.

This video is of them playing in the front lawn of our Lansdowne bungalow in Himalayan foothills of Uttarakhand, India, year 2015.

For Bollywood Fans, a little twist to the blockbuster song, "Chal Mere Bhai" from the movie "Coolie". :D

Little Poochoo sleeping ...

Little Wally when he was 6 months old :)

My sketch of Baby Wally

Wally with his Soul Bro. :) ! Year 2016 Delhi

Wally posing for a selfie with me :D . Year 2017 , Delhi.

A little #weekendcheer for Friday.

Let's start a new hashtag weekendcheer to bring some fun and smiles into the Steemit Weekend ! :)
Nothing serious, Nothing heavy. Just fun and smiles. Weekend Cheer from Friday to Sunday :D


Have Fun. Great Weekend to all :)
Thank you for your love & support, @nehab :)

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It is unbelievable how little Wally was on older picture, your sketch caught all recognisable features of Wally.

The video is really cute, it seems like Wally did not know how to play with such a little "snowball" but he was very careful and gently. Beautiful film and nice to see and your son too.

Thank you @stef1 for such beautiful and loving words :) . Yes Wally was very sceptical. :D :D

This little fur ball is adorable !!

He is ! And we miss him!
Wally and Poochoo and Tippy & gang send their love to Happy and you. 😊🐾💕
My love to Happy 😊

I sure will send the regards ! Have an awesome weekend

Awww. Look at you three. Priceless <3

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Thank you so much @bloghound, for your love and appreciation. 😊💕💕💕💕

It's so nice to see Wally and Poochoo playing together. I remember having seen this painting of Baby Wally earlier in your blog. Very adorable Doggies. Love them <3...
And @nehab... The vedio is superb... :) :)

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I am happy you enjoyed the video, @geetharao. 😊Yes, the two are adorable ! 💕...
Wally is very happy to know that you love him ! He is smiling from ear to ear. 😊🐾

They are damn cute and playful..
Loved your sketch..

Thank you. Yes , they are 😊💕

Oh my goodnees! I don't think I would have been able to resist little Poochoo! They are both so beautiful :D <3

Thank you, @beautifulbullies . Yes they are adorable. 😊💕

Cats and dogs are so so so lovely <3
great photos <3

thank you. Yes, cats and dogs are very adorable. Thank you for your appreciation :)

So cute ! Nice shots my friend !!