Broke, dude.

Switching to my other account, @voluntaryjapan.

@ned and his crew have basically pulled a weasel move here with this platform. Not gonna sing this place’s praises anymore.

Hope you’re good. Forgive the lack of upvotes! Once I get my other account up to snuff (if that happens) I’ll be supporting more folks again vote-wise.

I've been getting plenty of upvotes... the problem is that they've killed the value of Steem. I saw a post yesterday 1064 upvotes = $13.50.

It’s not just the price. It’s the fact that STINC has diluted all user influence by delegating nearly 20 million SP from their ninja-mined stake.

So, not only do you have less influence as an invested user/voter, but it doesn’t exactly make buying and powering up very effective, considering that STINC still has over 40 million SP that can still be dumped or delegated.

Good thing they’re so invested in the “success” of Steem, right?

I guess it's like they say at the zoo... No gnus is good gnus! Looks like us little guys are screwed. The bear market is about to break but I don't think Steem will follow suit. I'm hoping Weku works out!

Yup. What he said.

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