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A couple before pics of our kitchen and living room. It was definitely "grandma's" house when we moved in!

I'm just shaking my head at the age of some of these appliances. No complaints, just glad we were able to upgrade!

Turned out pretty damn good though! Makes me forget all about how it used to look 🤦‍♂️ Happy with our design...


Big Improvement, Are you doing the work yourself? I just got finished putting in a new kitchen for my wife, Like the saying goes "Happy wife, Happy life". Good work!

haha! I know that saying well! I did some but cannot take credit for most of it. Demo, some framing, plumbing etc. Paid for the floors, ceiling, paint and counters. Came out pretty slick. Thanks for the comment!

That's a fantastic change! How long did that take?

Well thank you! Just over 2 months. Had a lot done in that time though. Appreciate the comment!

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