New rules or cheating the creators Steemit???

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New rules or cheating the creators Steemit???

Many users today by going to your account Steemit found that their pages have a reputation ( - 7 ). What is it? The organizers of the project decided therefore to weed out bots and those participants who do not write unique content. Thereby denying their original idea about the network without censorship!!! But I think they might just ban those users who only derive Steem and SD with the project and do not invest money in Steem Power. This is the main reason I found today on all their posts - 7. In the unique. The project was simply no longer enough money. On exchanges price Steem and SD is falling rapidly. That is why there are constant new developments on the project, which would in any way hold the coins and do not allow conclusions of coins outside Steemit. From the initial idea of the project is not gone. Many foreign companies are already starting to ignore this project. Writing this post last time, because after this post my blog will cease to exist. It just removes Steemit.(Now after censorship) thank you for your attention!!! It was nice to chat with You!!!



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