Why my girlfriend is leaving Steemit? Help her to stay!

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I just introduced my gf to the Steemian community like week ago.

In the first few days she was happy with it, but now she considered to leave.
Her account is @pukenanachu ⭐️

Yeah, it's easy to give up, but I want all of us to inspire and encourage her to stay here on Steemit and keep posting her original content!⭐️

This is what she wrote on her post yesterday :

Like okay, everything on earth has issues. No one is perfect. We are not gods, we're humans.
Steemit is far from a perfect platform.
But we all can connect and use our talents and make this platform better every single day!
Am I right?⭐️

So, please say something for her to inspire STAY HERE AND KEEP POSTING ON STEEMIT!

It would be really nice from this community if we'd be able to connect and help people who are struggling with something here.🔥
Let's help each other. Is not hard. We need more people on this platform who are creating their own content.



Suggest she work on her following list. I only post original content, probably unlike any other she will ever see :). My friend @sunettespies is also original content creator, quite jaw-dropping stuff that will have you/your girlfriend questioning long-held beliefs. @gian is highly recommended as well, so long as you are not someone that reacts to someone challenging your belief systems directly. Here is my last post for some 'proof of work' lol! https://steemit.com/life/@kimzilla/the-goat-and-i-an-existential-conversation-about-saviour-syndrome

She does have a point. If you are not a libertarian bitcoin junkie then it can be lonely until you find some like-minded people.

But she found some. Maybe not enough. You cannot expect that it would be like Facebook.

I would understand that people leave Steemit because they expected bigger payouts, but because of poor content and empty people? No way!
There are so many people who make valuable content.. you just need to search!

Tell her i give her my fullest support! Stay on. Its a marathon.

Be patitent....time will do its thing. Those who are in for a fast buck, don't post quality content, won't earn and eventually leave. It might take a while but it's normal. It's still growing. Paws up! Here, give her this from me, to cheer her up:

So nice. She loves cats. I will show her now. Thank you so much :)

Most welcome, human! Inspiration comes writing. Paws up!

Not sure how serious to take this...first of all...why is this posted in cryptocurrency if girlfriend is turned off by this stuff?

Secondly...this site takes work...you don't just post a message and immediately find a bunch of people who "like" you...you need to find the topics that interest you...respond....write stories...set up followers...and cultivate your own neighborhood...

Doesn't work for everyone...

Yeah, you said some yesterdays news. She knows it. I just want to inspire her with Steemians help. My old tags from old posts suggested that. Changed it.

Steemit is a fast growing community with such a diverse group of member interests but due to the very nature of Steemit it has a large number of crypto enthusiasts and libertarians.
It can take a while to find your niche, so ook for story tags that interest you and follow the people who have posted and commented on those stories.

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