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Each of you already knows how to write an interesting post on the Voice and attract attention. You probably faced with the fact that some authors indiscriminately write about everything in a row and the number of their posts for the day tends to the top ten.

I would like to make some important definitions for me:

  • The article is a material worthy of reading, to which the author spent an unofficial time
  • a trash article is a material that is written in a few minutes and in general does not cause any interest
  • trash is an outright slag, to which the author spams my tape without stopping: rollers, pictures, memes, etc.

Many successful authors on the Voice publish no more than 4 posts per day. This is due not only to the fact that fines are accrued for 5 and subsequent posts and you earn less and less from a post. First of all, this is due to the fact that good material is not easy to write.

And now imagine that these authors publish not 4 posts a day, but 20! The presence of subscribers in the profile seems to indicate that they are fans of your work. Pity them, constantly rushing into them with your "masterpiece" articles. At them hands will be taken off constantly your posts.

When I first registered on the Voice, I first subscribed to several popular authors. I liked their articles and work style. I regularly apologized their articles and in the end they also drew attention to me.

Then I began to understand something ...

Beginners should start with a large number of posts in order to attract attention in the general tape of the authors. But over time, the growth of popularity should reduce the regularity of publications and the number of posts. Because every post can not be as good as the author sees it.

Many popular authors used to commit this by publishing frank slag from a couple of photos on a soap box or a couple of lines about how they spent the day. Such posts were gaining dozens of dollars and of course, this caused many discontent. This showed that such authors do not care what to write about, because they are trained by whales.

Many have fresh memories of the recent events on Mapan, when whales on this platform apovotili all in a row. It was real madness! Some authors have torn off a solid jackpot for this period.

So, the presence in my tape of a large number of posts from my subscribers, does not mean that I will apolute them indiscriminately. No! Yes, I just do not have enough Voice Power and time to read all this content.

After a while, I stopped reading some of the authors and added them to the ignore because of their excessive activity. There were so many of their posts that I began to feel that this man is wasting my time, demanding my apowotes on an ongoing basis.

I'm not a cow. Do not milk me with ups! I will not be so generous all the time ...

Once again I pay attention to your subscribers. Many of them are signed on you not only because you are interested in writing, but also because they expect from you mutual up-orders of posts.

How can I write posts:

  • lazy author: once a day
  • active author: up to 4 posts per day
  • Inadequate author: more ... hmm ... about 10 or more posts

If you constantly spam the tape of your subscribers, in the long run it can push them away from you. In any case, this is only my personal opinion.

I rarely get to write more than 2 posts per day. I'm not that lazy author. I just do not have time for this, and I do not know how to write well. Basically, I either comment, or I'm engaged in an upwind of posts.

The voice is like a buffet.

Everyone takes his plate and imposes himself as much as he wants. The problem is that some people want to eat the most :)

If you write a lot of posts and this does not give any result - take a breather for a couple of days. And think about how you can improve your situation and increase the earnings of posts.

Good luck to you!

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