Why does your grandmother have to register on the Steemit

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How many hours per week do you spend on social networks? How much money would you earn for all the content that you created, shared, commented and laughed? If you do not monetize your content through sites like YouTube, you probably do it all for free and work for "uncle."

Do you think that all your work, time and attention are worth something? Facebook earn hundreds of millions of dollars a year on advertising. Where does all this money come from? They get them from us - users.

Steemit.com knows what the price is for your content, attention and time. That's why the Steemit team followed the revolutionary technology and created a new platform for social networks, which actually pays its users for their creativity.

Do you have interesting ideas and thoughts and do you want to share them? Publish them on the Steemit and earn thousands or tens of thousands of rubles! Even if your content is not the most original in the world, every post has the potential to receive rewards.

What to write about?


Do you have pictures from a holiday or an interesting excursion? Do you attend unusual courses and want to share your opinion? Do you write stories or draw with watercolor? All this is a great material for the article and should be shared with all of them!

On the Steemit you can publish everything, too, that you write on other social networks. But the main difference between the Steemit and them is the opportunity to make money on their creativity!

Here they even pay for comments and voting for articles!

You can earn money here without even creating any content! You need to spend your time choosing the right content for voting and cast your vote, for which you will get a curator's reward.

You can also earn money by communicating with other people by entering into a dialogue with them in the comments. If your comment is good, then it will be marked by other users and you will also receive money for it.

A Steemit is not a place for quick earnings


If you think that you immediately start to earn a lot on the Steemit, then you are mistaken. To earn a lot, other users of the platform should see in you the potential. Most authors need several months of work to prove their proficiency and start making money on it. You do not have to rely on quick money!

Most of the platform participants are constantly working to increase their credibility and gain universal recognition, which guarantees high payouts for their creativity.

Best Practices

The Steemit gives all of us the opportunity to express themselves and build new relationships based on mutual interests. You are already friends not just with your friends or co-workers. Your friendship with the participants of the platform acquires a global character!

Blade Technology

The Steemit, like Bitcoin, works on the basis of Blokchan's technology. Everything you write and publish on your Steemit is stored in a global database in the form of a chain of blocks that is freely available and free of censorship. No one is able to change your content or remove it from the system, just because he does not like it.

The Steemit works like a similar technology for Bitcoin, but only on a more perfect one. The Steemit uses the new Blasting technology called Grafen. If the confirmation of a transaction in bitcoin can take several hours, then it takes several seconds in the chain of Steemits blocks and no commissions are charged for this.

What is the meaning of the Steemit?


The level of reward of authors for their work entirely depends on the skill of the author. Each user seeks to promote their content and prove that it is better than others. But only other authors decide what is worth their money and what does not. The more people vote for your post, the more theoretically you will get a higher payout. Generating more content and increasing the participants of the platform positively affects the growth of fees.

Investing in the platform

Users have the opportunity to buy Voice tokens on the exchange and invest them in their development on the platform.
Now Bitcoin trades on stock exchanges on average at a price of $ 2,500. Imagine if you accumulate several thousand steem and they will cost $ 2,500 for a coin? :) Do not miss your chance.

Start today!

Now on the Steemit registration is absolutely free and you have a great opportunity to earn on your creativity absolutely without any investment. Just click on the "Register" link and start earning!
The Steemit is waiting for your grandparents!